Who owns Dr Pepper?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Who owns Dr Pepper?”, tell you the Dr Pepper story and explain why soda is hazardous for people’s health.

Who owns Dr Pepper?

Keurig Green Mountain is the owner. In July 2018, Keurig Green Mountain paid $18.7 billion to acquire Dr Pepper Snapple Group. The united company was given the new moniker Keurig Dr Pepper. 

As a result, the third-largest beverage industry in North America was created. On July 10, Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) stock debuted on the New York Stock Exchange. The company’s stock was moved to NASDAQ in 2020. 

The Dr Pepper Snapple Group continues to run as a business under the Keurig Dr Pepper parent organisation. Regarding where the name of the soft drink came from, there are various theories. 

The use of Dr. in product descriptions to imply safety was a widespread practice at the time the drink was produced, which may be one rationale for the name’s choice. 

The drink was purportedly named after a real doctor, Charles T. Pepper of Rural Retreat, Virginia, contrary to popular assumption. After the doctor thanked you for giving him his first piece of work, Morrison may have already phoned the cocktail. 

At the Dr Pepper manufacturing company, Milly Walker is once more the collections manager and curator. According to census data, U.S. Morrison resided in Christiansburg, Virginia, some 40 miles (64 kilometres) distant from Rural Retreat. 

Census records show that U.S.Morrison resided in Christiansburg, Virginia, about 40 miles (64 kilometres) from Rural Retreat.

However, the museum in Dublin, Texas noted that “there is not one unique iteration of evidence that Morrison ever worked previously for Charles T. Pepper through Rural Retreat.” 

Another account claims that Morrison chose the name Charles T. Pepper for the drink because the doctor permitted him to wed Pepper’s daughter. Even still, the disputed child was only 8 years old before Morrison relocated to Waco.

What is Dr Pepper?

Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages, a Cadbury Schweppes company, sells Dr Pepper in the US as a brand of carbonated, caramel-coloured soda. Its corporate headquarters are in Plano, Texas. 

While trademark rights differ from nation to nation, Coca-Cola typically holds them outside of the US. There are numerous varieties available, as well as a reduced-calorie diet version called Diet Dr Pepper. Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages sells Dr Pepper in the US.

Cadbury Schweppes gave PepsiCo distribution rights in Canada and Poland. 

Cadbury-Schweppes is the trademark owner and supplier of the goods in Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Finland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Belgium, and Norway. 

Due to the fact that certain retailers in Portugal, Spain, Turkey, and Greece import it from the United Kingdom, it is practically impossible to find it there. Coca-Cola acquired the trademark and is the product’s distributor in practically every other nation.

Due to anti-monopoly regulations that exist in many nations, these rights are divided. Additionally, South Korea and Japan sell the beverage.

Dr Pepper is it healthy?

No, Dr Pepper is unhealthy since it has an excessive amount of sugar in it. Too much soda consumption can lead to weight gain, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues. The majority of individuals regularly consume added sugars, which might cause health issues. 

Dr Pepper and all drinks are unhealthy for people, primarily due to their high sugar content. The health of a person might be negatively impacted by eating too much sugar.

A 350 ml can of Coke has between 29.4 to 42 grammes of sugar, or 7 to 10 teaspoons, according to Harvard Health.

What negative effects can drinking sodas like Dr Pepper have?

Too much use of sugar-sweetened beverages can result in:

  • gaining weight
  • liver illness not caused by alcohol
  • Obesity;
  • diabetes type 2;
  • kidney illness
  • cardiovascular illness

Intake of soda and the prevalence of cavities

According to research published in 2018, those who regularly consume soda have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those who don’t. Harvard Health claims that soda can contribute to weight gain. There are a number of causes for this.

People who drink soda don’t experience the same level of satiety as those who consume the same number of calories from solid foods. Some individuals could keep eating even after having a calorie-dense beverage.

Additionally, sweet-tasting beverages may make you crave additional high-calorie items. Dr Pepper and other sodas can potentially cause cavities. 

One of the biggest causes of dental decay is sugary beverages. Acid is created when sugar is broken down by oral bacteria; this acid then attacks the tooth’s surface.


In this short article, we answered the question “Who owns Dr Pepper?”, told you the Dr Pepper story and explained why soda is hazardous for people’s health.



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