What is the food that starts with U?

In this short article, we will show you what is the food that starts with U and explain what they are.

What is the food that starts with U?

Some food that starts with U are:

  • Udon
  • Ugali
  • Umbrella Fruit
  • Umble Pie
  • Umbricelli Pasta
  • Uni
  • Urad Dal

Let’s discover more about them:

  1. Udon

In Japan, udon is a very well-liked noodle dish. Udon is a cheap, adaptable, and healthy food that may be served in both hot and cold meals. 

White udon noodles are prepared from wheat flour, salt, and water. In comparison to regular noodles, their thickness is typically greater. Udon noodles are readily available at supermarkets. 

Although it cooks rapidly, it is important to follow the packaging directions because the preparation time can vary according to the brand. Udon can be eaten in a variety of ways, but one of the most popular ones, particularly in the summer, is to dip it in a chilly broth. 

Dashi, soy sauce, and mirin are typically used to make this broth. The addition of additional ingredients, such as kamaboko, aburaage, tempura, chopped chives, etc. 

Udon, like the well-known Ramen, has long been a favourite of the Japanese when seeking a quick and affordable dinner. It is light, healthy, and accessible everywhere.

  1. Ugali

The primary source of starch in the Kenyan diet is ugali. Pasta is a staple in the food of many African nations, where it is recognised by various names depending on where you are. Traditional ugali is made with water and cornmeal. 

During meals, ingredients are cooked until they resemble dough and are then dipped into other dishes like stews and veggies. Ugali is not only incredibly delicious but it may also keep hunger at bay for a considerable period of time.

  1. Umbrella fruit

Native to the South Pacific, the umbrella fruit is very interesting to be cultivated mainly because its tree is very small, usually between 1.5 to 3m. 

Its growth is quite fast and even in plants obtained through seeds, they may produce in less than a year, which makes this plant an excellent option for those who like to grow fruit trees in pots.

The fruits are plentiful. The plant bears fruit over a long period, making it much more decorative! 

The ideal harvest point is when they start to fall off the foot and at this stage of maturation the pulp is already softer and can be used in the preparation of juices, jellies, and smoothies, despite the acidic pulp, they can also be consumed raw.

  1.  Umble pie

Umble pie is a pie made of minced or diced offal, usually from deer but also from other meats. Numble, which means “deer’s innards,” developed into umble (after the Middle French nombles).

  1. Umbricelli pasta

Umbricelli pasta is a typical Tuscan pasta, it looks like a very thick rustic spaghetti rolled by hand, but at the same time, it is light and tasty.

Umbricelli pasta is found in all restaurants in this region, usually accompanied by a good tomato sauce, ragu (which is our bolognese), or another creamy sauce.

  1. Uni

You might see a dish called “uni” if you visit a Japanese restaurant. It isn’t a shortcut for “university,” and you pronounce it like “oo-nee” rather than “you-nee.”

The term “uni” in Japan describes the sea urchin gonads that are cooked and consumed by locals. You must try it because it is one of Japan’s most distinctive cuisines.

Uni was initially used in sushi. But given its enormous popularity, uni is now a common ingredient in many other kinds of meals.

  1. Urad Dal

Black lentils are another name for urad dal. Actually, it is a type of bean, it is commonly used in southern India to produce dumplings and pancakes. 

Legumes play a crucial role in supplying the essential amino acids required for a balanced diet in a nation where a considerable portion of the population practices vegetarianism. For this reason, they are consumed daily in a variety of ways across all India.

In India, dal comes in more than 50 different kinds that are marketed under various names and are offered with or without the husk, whole or split. The term “dal” refers to the variety of foods created from legumes. 

Preparation may be relatively watery, like a soup, or extremely thick, like a puree. Some include various kinds of lentils and/or beans, while others include vegetables and some meat. 

They are always well-seasoned, occasionally rather hot, and frequently contain turmeric, which aids.


In this short article, we will show you what is the food that starts with U and explain what they are.


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