What is the cheapest food in the world?

In this short article, we will show you what is the cheapest food in the world and discuss each one of them.

Saving money is essential to maintaining this pattern if you enjoy travelling. We’ve chosen a few dishes from different cultures that you may get for as little as a dollar because of this.

We will use typical restaurant prices—from the aforementioned value—in average and high-end establishments for the computations. The outcomes are astounding, and you can see how prices vary by nation.

What is the cheapest food in the world?

The Chapati Mandondo (Nairobi)

A common dish in Kenya, particularly in Nairobi, as well as in some other African nations is chapati madondo. It is a fairly inexpensive snack that can be found in practically all eateries and street vendors. 

One dollar is the standard value. Additionally, there are several versions of the dish, which mainly consists of this bread and beans, with additional additions like curry or vegetables.

Serabi (Indonesia)

Traditional pancakes called Sarabi are created with rice flour and coconut milk. In Indonesia and India, it is quite widespread. Four serabis often cost one dollar. There are many flavours and complements as well. See, it’s quite successful.

Dumplings (New York)

Chinese dumplings are the most well-known and popular dumplings in the world. It costs considerably less than a dollar in China, though, and is widely available. Four for a dollar are already available and are referred to as “Dollar Dumplings” over the world. 

It is simple to locate in areas that are known as China Town in other nations. Originally steaming, it is frequently packed with pork. However, it is not difficult to locate the dumpling that has been cooked and is filled with different ingredients, such as chicken.

Wine bottle (Italy)

Wine bottles can be purchased for $1 in various regions of Italy. Even if they won’t be of the highest quality, many individuals choose them. This value is also present in Romania and Hungary. Have you ever considered purchasing a bottle of wine for under four reals? 

Box wine, also known as bag-in-box or box wine, is still available in various parts of the world. It is sold in a cardboard box with a tap and a bag of wine inside. 

Since these bundles often contain 3 to 5 litres of wine, 1,000 ml can be purchased for $1. The quality is significantly worse, though.

Coxinha (Brazil)

Every Brazilian has consumed multiple drumsticks and is familiar with their flavours. This delicious Brazilian treat is available with a value that can be translated to one dollar. 

It comes in a variety of sizes and shapes since it is a Brazilian delicacy. The most common, though, is chicken and occasionally some kind of cream cheese.

Empanadas (Colombia)

Numerous people in Latin America have already come to enjoy empanadas, right? More so if there is a truly amazing trip to a particular nation. It is a cooked dough with a variety of fillings that is quite delicious. 

In Colombia, they just cost $1 or less. Despite the wide range of flavour options, the meat flavours are without a doubt the most well-known and conventional.

Tacos (Mexico)

Although tacos are popular in Mexico, they are also available everywhere throughout the world. Ground beef and chicken are the usual fillings, and they are frequently combined with well-known ingredients like guacamole, sour cream, and cheddar. 

Generally speaking, prices are lower in Mexico, particularly on Taco Tuesday, one of the nation’s most celebrated advertising days.

Suppli (Italy)

A stuffed rice ball called a suppl has a rounder, fried shape. filled with melted cheese and tomato or meat sauce. It is also deep-fried and egg-bathed. 

It is well-known and delicious, and it looks like our typical rice ball but is packed and considerably crunchier. It costs the equivalent of one dollar in Italy.

Koshary Dish (Egypt)

A popular Egyptian meal known as koshari or koshary is frequently served in restaurants and homes across the whole nation. Additionally, it is offered for sale on street carts, just like hot dogs are in Brazil. 

You can buy this dish for a very inexpensive cost. It combines lentils, pasta, and rice and is topped with a seasoned (and slightly spicy) tomato sauce with a blend of chickpeas and fried onions.


In this short article, we have shown you what is the cheapest food in the world and discussed each one of them.



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