What is the best tequila for shots?

In this short article, we will answer the question “What is the best tequila for shots?” and will discuss what should be considered when choosing a tequila.

What is the best tequila for shots?

The best tequilas for shots are Joven (gold) and Blanco (silver). These are the ideal tequilas to consume in one shot, the well-known shots, and are referred to as Silver and Gold due to their colouration. 

They are a fantastic choice for people just learning to appreciate superb tequila because they are less expensive than the matured ones!

Blanco tequila is transparent specifically because it doesn’t age; rather, it is immediately bottled after manufacturing. It is more neutral and perfect for producing some drinks and cocktails because it lacks the woody flavour.

Joven is a blend of Blanco and aged tequila; it gives the cocktail a sweeter flavour. To standardise the flavour, a little caramel or other sweets may occasionally be added.

It is one of the most popular tequila varieties because it tastes better in shots than Blanco and has a richer, more nuanced flavour.

See more tequilas for shots:

  • Ocho Plata
  • Sauza Silver.
  • El Jimador.
  • José Cuervo Especial Silver.
  • Don Julio Blanco.
  • José Cuervo Especial Gold.
  • Mexicana 1800 Añejo.
  • Patrón Añejo.

Any tequila in this list will be good for shots.

How to choose the best tequila?

The quantity and quality of the agave, as well as the maturing process, and other elements that we shall discuss below, all affect how different tequila tastes. Discover more about each of these characteristics to select the perfect tequila for your preferences.

100% agave or a blend of tequilas? Consider type before buying

Pure 100% agave tequilas get their sweetness straight from the plant, without the addition of any other ingredients. 

The most demanding or even seasoned connoisseurs choose tequilas manufactured 100% of agave in all circumstances because they are recognised as the greatest quality and undergo artisanal production techniques.

Mixed tequilas (minimum 51% agave) contain extra, less noble fermentation ingredients, which results in a slightly sweeter beverage than pure tequila. Since bottles of mixed tequila are less expensive, it is ideal for larger consumption, like shots!

Select by the ageing process; it changes the flavour

Tequila’s flavour and aroma are enhanced by maturation in wooden barrels, and the taste is directly impacted by maturity. To properly enjoy each variety of tequila, it is crucial to understand the five stages of ageing, which are here divided into three sections.

Reposado tequila: favoured for agave flavour

Reposado tequila is aged for a minimum of two months and a maximum of one year, giving the liquor the scent and flavour of the wooden barrel.

It is the most popular type of tequila in Mexico because it is generally pure and allows you to enjoy the spicy flavour of the agave perfectly combined with the woody flavour of the barrels.

The flavour and essence of tequila may be tasted in just one shot of this golden-hued liquor. For those who prefer to drink their tequila slowly or in shots, a reposado is ideal!

Aejo and extra aejo tequila: to be savoured slowly

Aejo tequilas have strong woody notes and a sweet scent. They are tequilas that have matured in barrels up to 600 L for at least a year. Extra Aejo refers to those that have been aged for at least three years.

They have a powerful scent and include vanilla notes in addition to the highly prominent woody elements. Aged tequilas have distinct and complex aromas and textures, as opposed to those found in whiskeys, for example, and are meant to be savoured slowly.

These drinks cost more because they are more sophisticated. They are designed for drinkers who prefer distinctive flavours! The most complex wines are Extra Aejo, and they go particularly well with desserts at the end of a meal.

Check the tequila’s alcohol content

Do you know how much alcohol tequila contains? This is a fairly frequent and somewhat ambiguous query regarding this beverage. 

The majority of goods on the market range from 38 to 40% alcohol by volume, but it is possible to find tequilas with alcohol contents between 31 and 55%.

Check this information on the drink’s label before purchasing when hunting for tequila on the market. Be aware, nevertheless, that tequilas with an alcohol concentration outside of 38 and 40% are unfortunately uncommon in Brazil.

Verify bottle size

The size of the tequila bottles is the last item you should take into account before making your final decision. The majority of tequilas come in 750 ml bottles, but certain companies also offer bottles between 50 ml and 1.75 L in size.

For instance, in addition to the customary 750 ml sizes, 375 ml variants of the well-known José Cuervo tequila are now available. Patrón Aejo tequila is another item that comes in several sizes, with up to 5 distinct size options available.


In this short article, we have answered the question “What is the best tequila for shots?” and have discussed what should be considered when choosing a tequila.



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