What is Okinawa milk tea?

In this short article, we will answer the question “What is Okinawa milk tea?”, demonstrate what it tastes like and show you what is the bubbles that come with it.

What is Okinawa milk tea?

A variety of milk tea known as “Okinawa milk tea” is inspired by the Japanese island of Okinawa. Okinawa milk tea, which is frequently likened to Hokkaido milk tea, is a delicious concoction of black tea, sugar and milk. 

The Okinawan brown sugar utilised to sweeten the tea gives Okinawa milk tea its distinctive flavour. The term “milk tea” can be used to describe a wide range of teas and tea-based beverages from throughout the globe. 

The most basic definition of milk tea is tea with milk, though there are regional and national variations in how these delightful drinks are made. 

Tea lattes, tapioca pearls or bubble tea, Masala Chai Hong Kong milk tea, Hokkaido milk tea, or Thai tea, are examples of popular milk tea varieties.  Okinawa milk tea is made with milk, tea leaves, and sugar, the same as other varieties of milk tea.

The Japanese prefecture of Okinawa is where this particular milk tea got its name. You can drink Okinawa milk tea hot, iced, or both, either alone or mixed with tapioca pearls.

What taste does Okinawa milk tea have?

Okinawa Milk Tea has a flavour that is similar to the Hokuto sugar used to create it: it is profound, rich, and malty, tasting like toasted caramel. Okinawa Bubble Tea is fantastic since it isn’t extremely sweet because Hokuto feels lesser sweet than ordinary brown sugar.

The brown sugar used in the preparation of this sort of milk tea also contributes to its flavour. Assam tea, which similarly has a rich and malty flavour, is used to make traditional Okinawa milk tea. 

This results in a silky rich and profound taste when combined with Hokuto. Any other variety of black tea is also acceptable. I also suggest Earl Grey, Darjeeling, or Ceylon teas.

Finally, since it also contains milk, Okinawa Milk Tea is smooth and milky. The finest milk to utilize is full-fat, or you can add a little cream for a creamy and smooth flavour.

What are the tapioca pearls used in Okinawa milk tea?

You might have seen the bubbles in drinks cups for a while now. Due to the effect the gelatinous balls, known as Bubble Tea or milk tea in Okinawa, have inside the beverage, it can sometimes be difficult to turn to the side without seeing someone sipping it. 

The maple syrup and brown sugar-flavoured tapioca pearls are an import from Taiwan and are ideal for blending with various teas. It is also known as pobá with this tone and flavour. 

Now that everything is clear, I shall refer to it as pobá going forward because it specifically describes the black Taiwanese tapioca ball.

Don’t imagine that it’s just tea and boba because Boba was invented in the 1980s, not today. There are many different flavours and ingredients available nowadays. 

This more contemporary variation of such a traditional beverage, tea, can be made with different tea varieties, such as black, green, hibiscus, or others, and can be combined with various additives, including milk, almond milk, coconut milk, fruit juice, etc. 

Typically served with a thick straw, the drink rises as you pull it, giving your mouth a delectable texture. Boba is a taste explosion that’s worth trying, but before you go overboard, keep in mind that it’s not released just because it contains the term “tea”. 

Tapioca pearls, a carbohydrate, were blended with syrup as well as sugar and put into a beverage that, while it contains tea, also has other substances that may be less benign but have the potential to become a sugar bomb. 

It’s just enjoyable with moderation and consideration of options. There are tapioca pearl variations for everyone, including those who don’t enjoy tea. 

Smoothies are an option for individuals who like a beverage that is more akin to dessert because they don’t contain tea and are creamier. 

Some variations employ yoghurt as a basis to appeal to this population. The large coffee shops in Japan sell Tapioca Latte as well, so coffee aficionados are not left out.


In this short article, we answered the question “What is Okinawa milk tea?”, demonstrated what it tastes like and have also shown you what is the bubbles that come with it.



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