What is agar boba?

In this short article, we will answer the question “What is agar boba?” and explain the difference between agar boba and traditional boba.

What is agar boba?

Agar boba is a chewy pearl that resembles gelatin and thus is pre-sweetened in a variety of flavours. It is recognized for its translucent look. The flavours that Tea Zone now offers include original and brown sugar, which go well with milk teas or flavoured ice teas.

The edible corm of the konjac plant, which is used to make agar boba, is used. This root, which has numerous nutritional advantages but very little flavour, was highly regarded in traditional Asian medicine. 

Because of this, agar boba is regarded as the healthier option among boba options.

What is the difference between regular boba and agar boba?

Tapioca root starch is used to make regular boba, also known as tapioca pearls. The reason that tapioca and crystal boba have similar chewy textures is that both are made from root starches. 

However, while conventional boba is made from tapioca, crystal boba is made from konjac. Additionally, they both go great together in milk teas.

On the other hand, crystal boba does not require cooking, but tapioca pearls are typically marketed as dehydrated balls that must be boiled and then soaked in a sweet concoction. 

Compared to crystal boba, regular boba is lighter and chewier. Last but not least, agar boba resembles a jelly bean and tapioca pearls are consistently shaped spheres.



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