What do possums eat?

In this short article, we will answer the question “What do possums eat?” and will demonstrate their feeding practices.

What do possums eat?

To keep alive, possums eat a variety of things. The primary food sources are small rodents, insects, worms, slugs and snails, frogs, and birds.

Possums are nocturnal marsupials that also eat garbage, food scraps, berries, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and bird seeds.

Possums, like humans, are omnivores and eat both plants and meat in addition to pretty much anything in between.

What types of fruits do possums consume?

Red fruits

Given the lack of information, many vets suggest adhering to possum nutrition as organically as possible. Since wild possums also eat a variety of berries, your house possums can eat this.

Both marketplaces and supermarkets carry these fruits. Fruit that has been processed should never be chosen over fresh or frozen fruit. 

A variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and chicken or tuna should be included in each of the two meals that adult possums should eat each day.


Possums may eat fruit that falls to the ground but cannot climb trees. Apples can be found in the wild as well. Purchase them at markets or supermarkets. Cut them into small pieces like you would for a child.


Grapes are an excellent fruit option for your possums because they are small and easy for the animal to grasp. You can choose from the wonderful alternatives of seedless, green, black, or red.

The quantity sizes of the meals must be carefully monitored because these animals frequently consume till they are sick and have voracious appetites. Grapes are a healthy snack that will help you control your weight.


Your pet possum would thrive on a piece of melon. Use melon cultivars such watermelons, casaba, and Crenshaw. The shell is eaten by possums as well.

Different fruits

Bananas, cherries, pears, blackberries, and cranberries can also be included in the diet.

What do possums typically eat?

Possums cover their territory slowly while constantly smelling or digging in the ground with their claws and snout.

They cannot climb trees to find food because they are land animals. Additionally, they hunt alone; it is very rare to see possums foraging in groups. Possums are nocturnal and nocturnal animals that go outside at dusk to find food.

Possums spend the day camped out in rocky tunnels, hollow logs, or abandoned animal burrows. If they can’t locate a natural location to dwell, they will create a sort of den using their claws and noses.

Possums only leave their homes on the hottest days to go on food hunts during the colder months, when they are in a state resembling hibernation.

Who consumes the possum where in the food chain?

The main possum predators are wildcats and people, and people frequently kill possums accidently or out of ignorance (running over).

Possums frequently enter homes in search of food, which can be found in trash that hasn’t been properly sealed or in dog and cat feeders that have food scraps. Another argument is the requirement for a nest to be constructed in a tranquil, safe area, such as a home’s

What exactly are possums?

There are multiple species of animals in the Didelphidae family that are referred to as “possums.” Because they are marsupial animals, like kangaroos and koalas, their young complete their development in pouches referred to as marsupium.

Possums are animals that range in size from 40 cm to 50 cm, depending on the species under study, the habitat in which they live, and their sex.

They have small, stubby legs, a thick neck, a long, pointed nose, large teeth, and a long, hairless tail with a little patch at the tip.

These animals can climb trees with the aid of their prehensile tails, which they may use to grasp branches and other items. In addition to the tail, these animals’ front legs have sharp nails, while their back legs have opposable toes.

Arboreal or terrestrial mammals that are active at night, are opossums. In most cases, they spend the day dozing off inside holes like those found in tree trunks. Possums are solitary, roving animals that have adapted to survive in environments that people have changed.


In this short article, we answered the question “What do possums eat?” and demonstrated their feeding practices.



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