What do hippos eat?

In this brief article, we will answer the question “What do hippos eat?” and reply to inquiries regarding their eating practices.

What do hippos eat?

The majority of hippos live a grazing lifestyle, however, they may occasionally consume browse. Hippos in Pygmies consume more browsing. Few Pygmy Hippos eat grass; instead, they primarily eat fruits, ferns, and the leaves and roots of forest plants.

Hippos graze on land; they are not known to ingest aquatic plants or eat food while submerged in water. They prefer short, low-lying grass as well as rushes and tiny green shoots.

However, because they are more difficult to digest, bigger grasses are often avoided. Instead, they might look for fruit or underground roots. If there is additional greenery, they will eat it. Despite eating a diet that is very poor in nutrition, hippopotamuses can still thrive.

Because hippos are not ruminants like many other grazing animals, they have a multi-chambered stomach and a much longer intestinal system than other grass eaters.

Due to its slower digestion rate, the animal gets the greatest nutrients from the grass it eats. The canines and incisors in the front of a hippo’s mouth, which can lengthen to 20 centimetres, become sharp during feeding.

What do young hippos eat?

Since baby hippos might dehydrate more quickly than their mothers, it is important to pay careful attention to their meals. However, if they do not receive enough food, their mothers will not make enough milk to ensure the survival of their young.

A Baby’s only food source for the first six months of life is milk. They will therefore start eating some plants after that. Newborn hippos only consume breast milk for six months after birth before switching to vegetables.

To develop a strong bacterial flora that enables them to digest food, baby hippos must eat their mother’s faeces. They have to be careful when feeding to keep inside the boundaries of their home range to prevent being pursued by predators.

Why do hippos eat what they are used to?

They rarely eat the plants, even though they are easily accessible to them when they are in the water to cool off. According to specialists who don’t know why they only do it more attentively when there is a shortage of food out the water.

The hippopotamus is a herbivore, yet because of its size, mouth, and powerful teeth, we often assume that it eats meat. He is a quite slow animal outside of water, therefore hunting other living things for sustenance would be quite difficult for him.

Cannibalism by hippos has been documented, though. If they must consume other members of their race in order to survive, they can eat young, old, and sick hippos.

When they are unable to get the foliage they need to maintain a balanced diet, hippos often eat dead animals and small animals that they come upon. Numerous scientists believe that the food that hippos eat can significantly change their habitat.

When foraging, the hippopotamus, a very large mammal that has the power to alter the flow of water in lakes and rivers, leaves behind distinctive marks. 

Even though it takes a long time, it has been found that regions, where there are hippos, are more likely to experience this phenomenon.

Hippos are water-dependent creatures that quickly become dehydrated when on land. If the hippopotamus is forced out of the water for more than five hours each day to get food, it could suffer serious health problems.

Hippos eat meat, right?

Sometimes. The hippopotamus once believed to be a herbivorous mammal, now eats meat on occasion. Hippos’ main source of food is short grass.

They are herbivorous animals that can travel up to five kilometres in search of food and graze for up to five hours per night. They might consume several pounds of food each day.

What or who consumes hippos?

Apart from mankind, lions are the only other predator of hippos. They hunt them in herds and eat them. Hippos defend themselves against potential predators using their large, pointed canines and herbivorous teeth.

They are difficult for other animals to hunt due to their size. However, the hippopotamus shares its environment with a number of strong predators. Crocodiles, lions, and hyenas have all been known to prey on young hippos.


In this brief article, we answered the question “What do hippos eat?” and replied to inquiries regarding their eating practices.



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