What do fish eat?

In this short article, we will answer the question “What do fish eat?” and will show you what aquarium fish and fishes in nature eat.

What do fish eat?

The fish diet is highly diversified both inside and outside of aquariums. Fish naturally consume a range of foods, including other living things, to sustain themselves. 

The kind of place people live in and the accessibility of food there are both directly related to this difference.

Although the majority of fish are carnivorous, certain varieties only consume plants and algae. Carnivores seek after smaller, simpler food items like larvae or insects. There are nutrient-rich diets that are practical for aquarium fish.

Let’s talk about the variety of fish diets:

What do tropical fishes eat?

Live food, such as mosquito larvae, shrimp, and small roundworms, can be consumed by tropical fish, while dry food comes in the form of scales, granules, or tablets. You give a balanced quantity of proteins, fibres, and nutrients with them for optimum health.

What do fish in cold water eat?

Fish from colder waters are incredibly simple to keep and maintain. Each species has a wide variety of meals that are tailored to their dietary requirements and digestive systems. The most frequent ones are scales, grains, and floating sticks.

Complete formulae ensure that you won’t need to worry about anything and that your fish won’t want any additional supplements. The most popular foods for cold water fish are flakes and scales since they float in the water longer and are simple for the animal to access. 

However, some less experienced fish won’t take advantage of it because the fish-eating pellets are heavier and sink to the bottom of the tank faster. 

Granules leave little residue and keep the aquarium’s balance, in contrast, scale residues can readily pollute the water and must be cleaned frequently to prevent it.

For species like goldfish, bubble eye fish, betta splendens, telescope fish, goldfish, tactics, or common carp, cold water fish food is appropriate.

What does bottom fish eat?

Fish that swim near the bottom have different nutritional needs than those that swim near the surface. 

The food on scales is not appropriate in this situation; they require the weight of the food to make it swiftly descend to the aquarium’s lowest level while preventing consumption by the other fish.

We’re referring to fish like barbels, cobitids, and catfish (plecos, catfish). These species prefer round tablets and discs since they weigh a lot and may be placed in certain aquarium locations. 

For carnivorous fish, we offer tablets, and for phytophagous fish, we have others with spirulina algae.

What do discus fish eat?

Freshwater fish like the discus are prized for their beauty, but their demanding diet needs a wider range of food.

What do fish in aquariums eat?

The feed is the foundation of the fish’s diet, thus it must be chosen in accordance with the species and traits of the animals in your aquarium.

As a result, the breeder must provide the feed two to three times each day, but not in excess to prevent leftovers from ending up in the water.

But you can also give these creatures different foods in addition to it. Because not all food is good for all species, it is vital to know whether the animals are herbivores, omnivores, or carnivores in order to make that decision.

Take a look at some possibilities for what you can give your animal besides food:

What additional meals they can consume?

  • Fresh foods include veal heart meat and shellfish flesh like mussels. To keep the vitamins in your fish, they can be frozen, raw, or cooked.
  • Mealworms and tubifex are both live, high-protein foods.
  • Fish enjoy raw meat and fish very much. White meats like chicken and turkey, as well as hearts and liver, are advised; very fatty or bloody meats should be avoided. It needs to be chopped into tiny cubes and thin slices.
  • Shellfish are abundant in vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, phosphate, and magnesium as well as proteins and carbs. They are extensively utilised in aquariums for marine life.
  • Ideal for little fish is fish eggs.
  • raw, cooked, or frozen vegetables You can use lettuce, potato, cucumber, spinach, and more.
  • Fish in aquariums adore daphnias, cyclops, and Gammarus, three little crustaceans.


In this short article, we have answered the question “What do fish eat?” and have shown you what aquarium fish and fishes in nature eat.


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