What are the royal honey side effects?

In this short article, we will answer the question “What are the royal honey side effects?” and explain to you what exactly is it.

What are the royal honey side effects?

One of these side effects, prolonged priapism, results in a protracted, unpleasant erection with a chance of penile necrosis. The drug’s adverse effects, such as headaches, low blood pressure, and dizziness, might be made worse when used with other drugs or alcohol. 

Sildenafil and Tadalafil, which are both included in royal honey, can cause severe, even fatal hypotension in people with heart problems, whether they are men or women.

The doctor is aware of a patient’s health issues before they take a prescribed medication. However, Someone utilising these meds on their own could be putting their health at risk without realising it. 

Despite simply mentioning plant extracts in the labelling, royal honey sachets are anything but natural.

What is royal honey?

It is a narcotic that is frequently used in dances and nightclubs and is offered in sachets. Young individuals who consume it do so to enhance their sex abilities. Royal honey also has serious health dangers, much like using strong drugs like cocaine, crack, or heroin.

On the internet, at gas stations, and by “representatives” at undercover parties, the drug is frequently advertised and sold. 

The product is advertised as being 100% natural on the package. However, as you’ll discover in a moment, royal honey is anything but a pure and safe product.

What does this drug consist of?

The packaging for royal honey includes naturally stimulating ingredients like Malaysian honey and Tongkat Ali. 

Indications of coffee, cinnamon, caviar extract, ginseng, apple, and ginger are also present. Manufacturers, however, fail to disclose the product’s exact ingredients.

Additionally, erectile dysfunction medications Sildenafil and Tadalafil can be found in royal honey. These medications could only be marketed with a doctor’s prescription since they cannot be used freely. 

Therefore, royal honey also contains these elements that have psychoactive effects in addition to the psychoactive components.



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