What are kraft foods?

In this short article, we will answer the question “What are kraft foods?” and will tell you its story.

What are kraft foods?

The biggest food firm in the US and the second biggest in the world was Kraft Foods Inc. It was once owned by Philip Morris, which was later renamed Altria in 2003. Altria purchased it in 1988 for $12.9 billion, and the two companies ultimately combined to form General Foods.

What do the savoury Philadelphia cream cheese cheeses, the enticing Maxwell House coffees, the cool Kool-Aid drinks, the salty Planters peanuts, and the rich Kraft mayonnaise have in common? 

All of them are produced by Kraft foods, one of the most well-known food businesses in the world. 

Kraft Foods strives to provide delectable foods for you to make the most of any of these times, whether you’re cooking lunch for a celebration, a snack outside the house, or a family supper.

What is the kraft foods story?

The company’s story began in 1903 when Canadian-born James Lewis Kraft, who was of German ancestry, began selling cheese to merchants in Chicago, Illinois. 

He was beginning to convert fantasy into a prosperous century-old business with just $65 in startup funds and a rental cart drawn by a horse named Paddy. 

But the business’s first year, which included $3,000 in losses and a dead horse, was anything but reassuring. Four of his brothers quickly entered the industry: Charles, John, Fred, and Norman. 

In 1909, they established J. L. Kraft & Bros CO. After more than ten years, the business began making its cheeses in 1914 when it established its first cheese plant in the Illinois hamlet of Stockton. The business was selling 31 different kinds of cheese at the time.

Within a year, they began canning cheese and developed the process of pasteurisation, which allowed the cheese to be preserved for a considerably longer period of time without refrigeration.

The process utilised in 1915 to produce canned cheese was so novel that the company decided to patent it the following year. In 1917, the company started delivering canned cheese to the US military and government. 

The business soon became the first cheesemaker to run magazine ads in 1919, shortly after that. 

The corporation bought MacLaren Imperial Cheese the next year, beginning a tentative process of internationalisation that would gain momentum in 1927 when the business established its first sales office in Europe.

The famed Philadelphia brand cream cheese manufacturer Phenix Cheese Corporation was purchased by it in the same year (introduced to the market in 1880). 

The following decade was characterised by significant product launches, such as the introduction of the Miracle Whip salad dressing in 1933 at a traditional food fair in the city of Chicago.

Also, the launch of the Kraft macaroni and cheese dinner line of macaroni and cheese (already mixed) in 1937 with the tagline “Make a meal for 4 in minutes” (or something similar to “Prepare a meal for 4 in minutes”). 

With the introduction of Minute Rice semi-ready rice in 1946, the corporation started a comprehensive expansion of its product line after World War II, a time when much of its production was focused on supplying the American armed troops.

The corporation began to expand internationally throughout this decade by entering a number of countries across the globe. 

The business was formally renamed Kraft, Inc. in 1976, and it eventually merged with Dart Industries to form Dart & Kraft, the manufacturer of Duracell batteries, Tupperware plastic containers, and West Bend-branded appliances.

The company did not formally change its name to Kraft Foods until 1995, the year it sold Heinz its frozen products section. The purchases continued in the years that followed and eventually reached Brazil when in 1996 Kraft Foods acquired the long-standing Lacta.

The firm made another significant acquisition at the start of the new millennium, specifically in July 2000, when it bought the venerable Nabisco, the leader in the production of snacks and owner of brands like Oreo (cookie established in 1912) and Ritz crackers (crackers launched in 1934). 

Kraft grew to be the second-largest food company in the world and the most profitable after this acquisition.

As of October 2012, Kraft was split into two separate businesses: Kraft Foods Group and Mondelez International, which are solely responsible for producing the pasta, sauces, and cheese that are included in the portfolio in North America.

With brands like Tang, Trident, Halls, Milka, Toblerone, Nabisco, and Lacta, Mondelez, whose name means “delicious world,” is present in more than 80 countries.

The new Kraft Foods is only present in North America with brands like Kraft, Oscar Mayer, Velveeta, Planters, and Philadelphia Cream Cheese.


In this short article, we answered the question “What are kraft foods?” and will tell you its story.



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