What are chicken gizzards?

In this short article, we will answer the question “What are chicken gizzards?” and will show you how they are used in cooking.

What are chicken gizzards?

The chicken gizzard is an organ in the hen’s digestive tract of chickens that has small, powerful muscles that essentially function in place of teeth to break down the hen’s food. The oesophagus, or crop, of birds, first dilates to start the digestive process. 

Basically, this component makes the food softer and stores it. The gizzard and proventriculus then split the food before it enters the stomach.

The proventriculus is referred to as the chemical stomach since it is where food and digestive enzymes are combined. The digesting bolus is then passed to the gizzard, which is also known as the mechanical stomach. 

The gizzard is then viewed as a muscular stomach that only functions to grind and ferment food (chewing). It possesses a robust, well-developed musculature that is resistant to the effects of HCI.

Gizzards should be handled like pork ribs when prepared because of their size and purpose. This is because they require a low, slow cooking method to tenderise the tougher dark meat, leaving you with excellent flavour and great nutritional advantages.

How is gizzard used in cooking?

The cuisines of Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru include chicken gizzards. This organ is frequently cooked and combined with rice and veggies.

It is, however, also a component of Brazilian cuisine, and, depending on the location, is typically eaten with mashed potatoes or cornmeal.

Gizzards are frequently served as delicious street food, as a salad garnish, or as the ideal side dish to a meal in areas like Haiti, Mexico, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa. 

Additionally, you can find it fried to a mouthwateringly crunchy texture or simmered in a soup for hours until it melts in your tongue.

Gizzards are a great source of iron and zinc, like many organ meats, and because our chickens were raised happily and healthily on the grasslands and the gizzards were frozen, the nutrients were at their peak when they reached your dinner plate.

However, the cholesterol level is a little greater than the typical chicken serving. Some of the favourite ways to enjoy them are by slow cooking them for tacos and sandwiches, sautéing them with skewers, or adding them to a stew recipe.



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