Is Zambreros safe to eat when pregnant? (safety practices)

In this article, we will discuss whether Zambreros products are safe to eat when pregnant, what are the safety practices followed by Zambreros, and what are the possible risks of eating Zambreros when pregnant.

Zambreros is an Australian Food chain that serves Mexican food on a varied menu, also offering options for vegetarian and vegan consumers.

Is Zambreros safe to eat when pregnant?

Yes, Zambreros is safe to eat when pregnant. According to the Food Standards Agency of the United Kingdom, Zambreros has good food safety ratings and reaches a score of 5 in a 5-point score classification (1).

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is an agency that works with the UK Government and the Government of Wales and Northern Ireland, to rate food producers in terms of safety, quality of the ingredients, and aspects related to health and sustainability.

FSA stated that Zambreros has good hygienic and food handling, very good cleanliness and building conditions and very good management of food safety (1). In this way, Zambreros may be considered safe to eat during pregnancy.

What are the safety practices followed by Zambreros?

The safety practices followed by Zambreros are the following (1, 2):

  • Follows good hygienic practices for food handling and preparation, as well as for cooling and storage of cooked food items
  • Maintain a very good cleanliness condition of the builiding, which good ventilation, provides hand washing facilities to facilitate hygienist on
  • Make an effective pest control of the building
  • Performs food safety management to check if food is safe to eat and the employees have a good knowledge of food safety
  • The meat ingredients are cooked by slow cooking for 18 hours
  • Provides information about possible allergens in its products

Slow cooking is considered a safe cooking method, as the food is cooked for several hours, ensuring the effective reduction of possible microbial contamination in the food (3).

What are the possible risks of eating Zambreros when pregnant?

The possible risks of eating Zambreros when pregnant are the use of fresh salad items, such as lettuce, jalapeños, salsa and guacamole, which are not cooked.

In addition, ingredients that may offer a higher risk when not properly handled or stored include sour cream, cooked rice and ground beef (4).

Poor handling and insufficient hygienic practices during the preparation and serving of the food can lead to cross-contamination and ultimately to foodborne diseases (4, 5). 

Food outbreaks caused by the pathogenic bacteria Escherichia coli have been reported related to the consumption of contaminated Mexican fast food in the past, especially due to improper handling of food (5).

Is eating Zambreros considered healthy when pregnant?

Yes, Zambreros may be considered healthy when pregnant, as it offers a variety of nutritious and relatively complete dishes that contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fibres, as well as vitamins and minerals (2, 6).

Zambreros offers dishes containing the food groups of meats, grains, cereals, vegetables, fruits and dairy, making them a complete nutrition source for pregnant women, who need these nutrients to maintain health and follow a safe pregnancy (6).

However, as with most fast foods, many food options in Zambreros contain a high amount of sodium and saturated fats in their composition. In this way, Zambrereos should be consumed in moderation. 

As reported in studies, the consumption of fast foods more than once a week during pregnancy may result in higher risks of being overweight of the born baby.

Babies who are born weighing above 4.0 kg have greater risks of developing obesity in childhood and adolescence (7).


In this article, we discussed the safety aspects of Zambreros and what are the practices of the Company to improve the food safety of its products. 

Zambreros may be a good fast food option during pregnancy in terms of safety and nutrition, when consumed moderately. 

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