Is yoghurt safe to eat past the expiration date?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Is yoghurt safe to eat past the expiration date?” and we’ll also talk about how to properly ruin yoghurt and how long it lasts.

Is yoghurt safe to eat past the expiration date?

In general, yoghurt can be used for 2 weeks after it has expired. The date on the yoghurt container, however, is most likely a “Use-By” date rather than an expiration date. 

Infant formula is the only product that must be dated under federal law, but other products are frequently dated as well for the benefit of consumers.

How do you tell if yoghurt has gone bad?

If the yoghurt smells rancid, tastes sour, or has mould floating in the watery portion, it is spoilt. If you are unsure, it is best to smell the yoghurt because it has a creamy, fresh scent.

A surplus of liquid inside the container

Throw away the yoghurt if it has extra liquid spilling out of it since it probably has bacteria in it and is past its expiration date.

Microbes in yoghurt

Yoghurt that has mould on it is a pretty clear indication that you should discard it right away. Don’t eat it since it contains quickly multiplying germs that are harmful to your natural gut flora.

Even black mould may be visible on some portions of the yoghurt, but it is advisable to throw out the entire package rather than only the offending portions.

Sour flavour

A sour flavour indicates that the yoghurt has gone bad. Fresh yoghurt has creamy and has a relatively neutral flavour that is neither salty nor sweet.

Discolouration of the yoghurt’s liquid

The yoghurt has been probably ruined if the water that is pouring out of it is brown or becoming yellow. Avoid employing it at all costs.

What is the yoghurt’s shelf life?

Check the expiration date on the packet; it typically keeps for three to five days just after the best-by date, but if you store it for too long, it starts to turn yellow or leak water. Once unsealed, you can keep it refrigerated for a week and eat it fresh.

How should yoghurt be stored to extend its shelf life?

Keep it always inside your refrigerator! This implies that you should put it in your refrigerator as soon as you get it home from the store to prevent the growth of any bacteria or mould. 

Before placing leftover yoghurt in the refrigerator, it should be transferred to an airtight container with a seal. You can leave it on the refrigerator door as long as you don’t open it frequently, especially when the temperature is too high.

Even when kept in the refrigerator, yoghurt that has not been packed will have access to many microorganisms. How to determine whether unopened yoghurt is bad

Yoghurt that hasn’t been opened but is much past its expiration date may already be spoilt. Additionally, the yoghurt has likely gone bad if you open it and find mould or liquid severely separated from the yoghurt with an unpleasant odour.


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