Is it true that some people use cum in food?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Is it true that some people use cum in food?”, will show you contextual information about this practice and show you a recipe that you can prepare if you are brave.

Is it true that some people use cum in food?

Yes, it is real. Did you know that you can learn to cook with semen in a cooking class? London will soon receive this information, but it’s not as unusual as it would seem. 

Students who are interested in participating are advised to bring their sperm or that of a partner, as the ingredient will be utilised to make a three-course meal and drinks.

Students learn how to prepare everything using sperm as the main component, from straightforward dishes like chicken to more complex ones like amuse-bouches, those bite-sized party appetisers.

There is no proof that this information is accurate, however, the unusual ingredient is nourishing and has wonderful culinary qualities. The addition of semen is merely a “fun touch” to the food; you don’t put it on every dish you create.

A sperm-based cuisine was even suggested by a chef in London, but it is unclear whether this idea is genuine. Although this information was released to the media, some people think it is just a tacky PR attempt.

This will put off a lot of individuals, but others will be tremendously excited by the prospect of ingesting such a private drug.

Some individuals might not find the substance weird. Eating a partner’s semen doesn’t seem all that strange when you consider that humans consume eggs, which are essentially a byproduct of the hen’s menstruation.

The best sperm is fresh, although it is feasible to freeze the ingredient to keep it intact; the drawback is that freezing might alter the flavour and consistency.

Cooking books for you to learn how to cook with cum:

Simply look for a book called “Natural Harvest,” which chef Paul Phoenhauer has personally autographed if you want to attempt making a recipe with semen at home. The fact that the work has received a four-star rating on Amazon is amazing.

The book “Semenology – The Semen Bartender’s Handbook” also offers recipes that can be prepared using the odd ingredient semen.

The titles of the books by American nurse Paul Photenhauer are devoted to salty and sweet dishes, although the author emphasises that sugar enhances the flavour.

After getting into a disagreement with pals over what they did with the semen after arriving, he had the notion. A dessert-focused volume is promised for 2015.

What nutritional qualities does semen possess?

Amino acids, fructose, enzymes, flavonoids, prostaglandins, iron, and vitamins B and C can all be found in sperm. Semen also contains proteins, acid phosphatase, citric acid, cholesterol, fibrinolysin, proteolytic enzymes, and zinc because it contains fluids made in the prostate.

Is eating semen harmful?

The majority of semen’s components have undergone testing and are safe for your health. Therefore, it is not thought to be dangerous to swallow semen.

Seminal plasma hypersensitivity, an uncommon form of allergy that can manifest after coming into contact with sperm, affects a small percentage of persons.

Is it feasible to alter the semen’s flavour to make the recipe better?

Yes, you can alter the semen’s flavour to improve the dish. The flavour of semen typically doesn’t change over time. However, like with other bodily fluids, some studies suggest that a person’s diet can have little impact on flavour.

Cinnamon, celery, and chocolate are a few foods that tend to more directly impact the taste of semen.

A recipe for the brave ones:

For the brave, we’ll even leave here a little gift: a cocktail for those who dare to make it at home, which, by the way, is already sold for up to 120 reais in some exquisite establishments around the world. So, if you’re not disgusted, write it down:


  • 100 ml of Amarula;
  • 100 ml of cherry brandy;
  • 150 ml of gin;
  • 3 units of 65ml fermented probiotic milk;
  • Last but not least, 1 teaspoon of human semen (freshly collected);

Method of preparation:

  1. Add crushed ice and mix the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, shake well for 5 minutes and serve in a tall glass.

So, would you be able to taste such a delicacy?


In this short article, we answered the question “Is it true that some people use cum in food?”, showed you contextual information about this practice and show you a recipe that you can prepare if you are brave.


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