How to shotgun a beer?

In this short article, we will answer the question “How to shotgun a beer?” and will also show you the information about beer should a beginner know.

How to shotgun a beer?

Shotgunning is a straightforward, frequently competitive method of downing a can of crappy beer quickly while standing in someone’s basement or your dorm.

For the older ‘gunners, that would be standing in our parents’ basement where we’re staying temporarily we swear to god, or in the office toilet cubicle.

  1. To shotgun, simply hold the beer can horizontally
  2. Pierce a hole through the lower side opposite the can opening,
  3. Place the hole in your mouth, turn the beer can so it is vertical, open the beer “traditionally,” And allow the wizardry of physics and atmospheric pressure to force the beer into your mouth without the need for extra glugging.

What information about beer should a beginner know?

Here is a brief guide to help us progress and understand as little as possible about how to enjoy a nice beer.

First sip: What ingredients are in this beer?

Let’s study the fundamentals first, then change our minds or try everything. A fast screenplay to get through a meeting where the subject of discussion will be beer.

Similar to a cake recipe, Now for the ingredients:

The first and most important ingredient is water. We get off to a terrific start with nice water. Technology exists today to have a standard for water. But this varies greatly across different nations.

Malt: The ingredients in the recipe that are referred to as malt are grains. These grains go through a process called malting, which involves moistening and germination of the grain before it is dried and roasted. 

The creation of enzymes that would subsequently aid in fermentation is triggered by this process.

responsible for giving the beer its varied characteristics, including colour, aroma, bitterness, flavour, and body. When a beer is referred to as pure malt, it has only been brewed with barley malt and has not included any unmalted grains or syrups.

Hops: A relatively unknown substance that is used to add flavour and bitterness. Hops are not widely planted in many parts of the world, thus if you want to brew beer there, you must import this plant. 

In addition to balancing and “seasoning” beer, its inherent antioxidants are beneficial to health.

Yeast: The only organism in this area that can make beer is yeast. The malt’s sugars are consumed by the well-known yeast, which then converts them into alcohol and carbon dioxide. 

This means that nothing is added! These chemicals are the end consequence of the liquid’s metamorphosis.

Adjuncts: All additional ingredients—natural or not—are taken into account. There are numerous breweries nowadays that use fruits, roots, nuts, and even flowers.

Second sip: Which kind can I choose?

While there are many methods to categorise beers, for the sake of simplicity, let’s stick with LAGER and ALE fermentation types.

Within these two sizable families, there are more than 150 distinct beer styles. When you decide which type of fermentation you want, the procedure of preparation, which is typically the same, alters. based on the overall outcome the brewmaster desires.

ALE: Beers of the ALE type are made with a yeast that operates at a higher temperature and has, among other qualities, beers with greater fragrance and flavours that were developed during fermentation, with a very complex profile.

IPA, Weiss, Stout, Saison, and Witbier are popular styles. These are the beers that we have been brewing for all time.

LAGER: Lager-type beers are brewed with minimal fermentation; as a result, their flavours are often lighter and their carbonation levels are higher. Despite being the most drunken beer in the world, it may be fairly challenging to create correctly.

Helles, Bock, Schwarzbier, Vienna, Malzebier, Pilsen, and American Light Lager are the most popular styles.

The third sip: utilization

Because it is one of the captive goods in entertainment, beer is one of the things we consider seriously. However, we don’t always have the necessary infrastructure or are at home to perform rituals.


In this short article, we answered the question “How to shotgun a beer?” and have also shown you the information about beer should a beginner know.


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