How to keep bugs out of rice?

In this short article, we will answer the question “How to keep bugs out of rice?” by showing you numerous actions you should take to achieve this.

How to keep bugs out of rice?

You must use specific cleaning and storing techniques to keep moths, maggots, and other critters from contaminating your rice. The good news is that you can do this rather effortlessly if you use the correct cleaning supplies.

Keep uncooked rice in an airtight glass jar.

The raw rice needs to be kept in an airtight glass jar as a first step. Good insulation is provided by this kind of container, deterring potential bug and dirt invasion. 

If you leave the rice in the bag, bugs can easily get inside, lay eggs, and contaminate the entire batch of meals. So, our advice is to keep grains like flour, beans, and even pasta as well as rice in airtight containers. Pretty basic, yes?

White vinegar, hot water, and soap are used to clean your pots and pantry.

To prevent larvae in uncooked rice, it’s also crucial to keep the pot clean. So, before storing the rice, we advise washing the container with a mixture of 500 ml of hot water, 150 ml of white vinegar, and a little amount of detergent. 

To thoroughly disinfect the pot, scrub both the interior and exterior thoroughly. In addition to encouraging thorough cleaning in glass jars, vinegar’s potent odour also deters insects.

Use the same vinegar solution to clean some other pots as well as the cupboard shelves. This is an intriguing additional idea. By doing this, you make sure that every food is better protected and that there aren’t any insects or moths in the kitchen cabinet as a whole.

Place cloves on the pantry floor.

Spreading cloves just on shelves is another approach to keep insects away from the pantry. This spice can be used to safeguard all the items in the kitchen cupboard because of its potent perfume, which acts as a natural repellant. 

Don’t forget to distribute clove slices across all of the bowls; you won’t go wrong!


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