How to cook large okra?

In this short article, we will answer the question “How to cook large okra?” and will give you tips to prevent large okra from getting slimy.

How to cook large okra?

Large okra can be baked, stewed, fried, pickled, or deep-fried to remove the woody structure and tenderise it.

Prepare the large okra as a stew

To soften the giant okra, chop it into little pieces and simmer or soup it. The stew’s heat and liquid content will tenderise the okra, making it fit for eating.

Bake the large okras:

Baking huge okra is another method of preparing it. One solution is to cut the okra in half, load it with spiced pork, and bake it at 375 degrees F. The okra will become more tender when baked, and you’ll have a nice supper on the table.

Fry the large okras:

If you have large okras and a hankering for a dish that is crispy, fried it. Okra that has been cut into little pieces is added to heated oil. Switch off the burner once the okras have turned a light brown colour and strain them from the oil. 

Add extra salt, red chilli powder, and pepper to this fried okra before serving with flatbread.

How can huge okra be kept from becoming slimy?

We have included three extremely straightforward and basic strategies to assist you in your quest to leave the huge okra with the ideal and dry texture. Check it out:

Put the large okra in a pan with vinegar and boiling water.

Use boiling water and vinegar to quickly clean okra; this is the simplest method. It’s very easy: put 1 litre of water and 100 ccs of vinegar in a pan, and then heat to a boil. 

If you just have a tiny amount of okra, you may alternatively add 500 ml of water and 50 ml of vinegar (just stick to the proportions). Simply trim the ends off the okra before dropping the chunks into a pot of boiling water. 

You only need to cook it for 3 to 5 minutes before you’re done! The huge okra will have lost all of its salivae, and the vegetable will be ready to eat. 

Okra and chicken, for instance, are a divine pairing! You can also consume it with salt, pepper, and garlic, or you may add it to another meal.

To remove the drool, fry the big okra in oil and salt.

Another suggested method is to fry the large, sliced okra in salty oil. Drool is swiftly expelled, allowing you to eat the veggie however you like. 

About two teaspoons of oil should be added to a frying pan; once it begins to warm up, add the okra pieces. With a wooden spoon, whisk in some salt.

The drool will finally stop after a few minutes, at which point you can just serve the veggie whatever you like—grilled, sautéed with seasonings, ground beef, chicken, pumpkin, etc.

Large okra should be soaked in lemon juice.

Another extremely easy method to get rid of the drool is to soak the okra in lemon juice for a few minutes if you don’t want to cook it. 

There is no error! Simply add water (no sugar!) and a squeeze of one or two lemons, along with the sliced okra (without the ends), and let everything sit for a while. You’re done after giving the vegetable around 30 minutes to soak. 

Then, take the drool-free okra out of the lemon juice and cook it according to your preferences.


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