How much protein is in 1 egg?

In this short article, we will answer the question “How much protein is in 1 egg?” and

How much protein is in 1 egg?

An egg typically contains 6 to 7 grammes of protein. The size of the egg does, however, affect the protein content. The amount of protein in each kind of egg is listed below:

  • 4.9 grammes of protein are found in a small egg (38 grammes), 
  • 5.7 grammes in a medium egg (44 grammes), 
  • 6.5 grammes in a large egg (50 grammes), 
  • 7.3 grammes in an extra large egg (56 grammes),
  • 8.2 grammes in a jumbo egg (63 grammes).

The average inactive man requires about 56 grammes of protein daily, whereas the average sedentary woman requires about 46 grammes.

What is the protein content in egg white and yolk?

3 grammes of the 7 grammes of protein in a big egg come from the yolk and 4 grammes from the white. 

Therefore, the best method to consume more protein and nutrients is to eat the entire egg rather than just the white. Since egg whites really contain the majority of the protein, people frequently believe that protein is only present in egg whites.

It is well known that practically all of the nutrients and lipids are located in the yolks. However, the yolk also has a little less than half of the egg’s protein composition in addition to these nutrients.


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