How much does Starbucks pay a barista?

In this short article, we will answer the question “How much does Starbucks pay a barista?” and will share tips on how to be a barista at Starbucks.

How much does Starbucks pay a barista?

Starbucks baristas in the United States get an average hourly wage of $14.81, which is 18% more than the national average.

Salary data is derived from 17,177 data sets directly gathered over the last 36 months from Indeed job postings, users, and workers.

Please be aware that all pay ranges are estimates based on Indeed submissions from third parties. Users of Indeed are merely provided with these numbers for general comparison purposes. 

For an accurate compensation estimate, you should speak with the company as minimum wages may vary by jurisdiction.

How can I become a Starbucks barista?

The minimum age to work at a Starbucks is 17, and while no experience is necessary for entry-level positions, hiring managers may favour applicants with previous experiences in this service sector.

What training is therefore required to become a barista? equivalent to a high school diploma. Desirable background in serving customers or preparing food and beverages. 

Training and a desire to learn more about preparing food and drinks. Excellent communication and listening abilities.

What are the highest-paying areas for Starbucks baristas?

In the US, the highest-paying areas are:

  • New York City, which pays $16.48 per hour;
  • Seattle, which pays $15.99 per hour;
  • Los Angeles, which pays  $15.62 per hour.


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