How much aloe vera juice should you drink daily?

In this short article, we will answer the question “How much aloe vera juice should you drink daily?” and will show you how to prepare it and the things you should keep in mind when preparing homemade aloe vera juice.

How much aloe vera juice should you drink daily?

The recommended dosage of aloe vera juice is 30 mL three times a day.

How is aloe vera juice made?

You must take the leaves from the plant, wash and dry them well, and clip the thorns to make aloe vera juice at home. After that, slice off the leaf’s base and let the plant stand upright to allow the latex—the yellow substance on the leaf—to drain.

After that, lengthwise cut the sheet’s sides with a knife or pair of scissors. To prevent contaminating the gel with any remaining latex from the plant, place the leaf down and carefully lift the bark on one side with a rounded item. 

Use a spoon or a blunt item to scrape the gel from the plant, tossing any green or yellow components that are mixed in.

Simply add the gel to the blender with 100 g of gel to 1 litre of water after that. To enhance the flavour, you may also add 1 tablespoon of honey and a fruit like a lemon or orange. Stir the drink in the blender.

Is it okay to consume the juice you make at home?

According to certain research, it is not healthy to consume aloe juice made at home if the rind and the yellow section that contains the latex are not properly separated. 

This is because latex may be linked to the development of colon cancer. To demonstrate these hazards, more research is necessary as the results of recent studies are inconclusive.


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