How many pounds of rice per person?

In this short article, we will answer the question “How many pounds of rice per person?” by showing you how to calculate in different situations.

How many pounds of rice per person?

It is crucial to consider the cuisine that will be cooked when figuring out how much rice should be served per person. For instance, it is vital to plan a greater amount for each person if the aim is to serve risotto, for example, when rice is the main dish. 

However, a lower quantity is plenty if you’re only making a side dish (to go with beans, pork, or beef stroganoff). Consider the following when performing the calculation: will the rice serve as a side dish or the main course? 

Let’s examine how to determine the amount of rice needed per person in each of the following scenarios:

When rice is served as a side dish:

You can make a lower quantity of rice per person when cooking a side dish. An average person consumes between 80 g to 90 g (about 14 cups) during each meal. 

Use your palm to do an approximate calculation if you don’t have a metre at home. You can make an average because around 90 g equals a handful of raw rice.

According to this reasoning, you must cook 1 cup of uncooked rice in order to prepare a lunch for 4 persons (about 360 g). But do keep in mind that it will only be sufficient for one dinner. Double the amount if you want to eat it for dinner or the following day.

Another interesting suggestion is to not strictly adhere to this measurement; after all, it’s likely that someone in the family consumes more rice than others, necessitating an increase in amounts. 

Our advice in this situation is to add a margin of 1/2 cup more during cooking. Keeping in mind that you can always make delectable dishes using leftover rice, such as chicken soup, oven-baked rice, and dumplings.

Calculating the amount of rice for the main course

It is important to multiply the amount of rice per person by two while making the main dish like risotto, paella, or another one. That instance, you should prepare 12 cups (about 180 g) for each instead of 14 cups (90 g).

In accordance with this rule, you should use 2 cups of raw rice to prepare a meal for 4 persons (about 720 g). But keep in mind that each person’s typical intake should also be considered, alright? 

Make 1/2 cup or even more safe if you are aware that someone consumes a larger amount. Things become simpler to do it correctly with more experience.


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