How many McDonald’s are there in the world?

In this short article, we will answer the question “How many McDonald’s are there in the world?” and will share with you the reason we should not like this company.

How many McDonald’s are there in the world?

In more than 120 countries, the firm operates more than 38,000 restaurants. 

Which nations don’t have a McDonald’s?

Many. Ronald received a foot from eight nations. Bolivia is one of them; eight units there endured for 14 years, up to 2002. Iceland is a well-known example, in addition to Latin American nations. 

Despite being a developed nation, the chain left the island amid the 2008 financial crisis due to logistical challenges procuring McDonald’s standard supplies there and a lack of local interest. 

Only four of the 54 countries in Africa have franchises, making the list of nations without a Big Mac even longer. There are 38,000 McDonald’s locations across 120 nations and territories.

The UN recognises 193 nations and 17 territories (accounting for areas having McDonald’s that are neither nations nor territories, like Puerto Rico, is challenging).

Should we hate mc Donalds?

Yes, we have to. From the malicious exploitation of labour to the usage of “pink goo,” a chemical that is prohibited for use in food production, to frightening and predatory marketing directed at youngsters.

Here are McDonald’s seven worst characteristics.

Encourages working on holidays without being paid overtime.

There is a long history of dishonest labour practises at McDonald’s, but this one is particularly stingy: On Thanksgiving and Christmas, the firm opens its franchises. Worse further, overtime pay is not given to workers nowadays. 

When our stores are open on holidays, staff members freely volunteer to work, according to a business representative. There is no additional cost. 

By being open on Thanksgiving, McDonald’s earned an additional $36 million, according to calculations done by Mark E. Anderson of the Daily Kos. 

Even worse, Anderson says, “McDonald’s manages not to pay bonuses to employees that give up their time off so the firm may make millions of dollars.” Wow.

In general, wages for employees are low.

Even worse than not getting paid extra for labouring on holidays is the fact that McDonald’s employees consistently earn low wages. 

Because no matter what job you have, it will be better than working in a restaurant, the name McJob has already become associated with all that is wrong with low-paying service jobs in the American economy of fast food.

Of course, the largest fast-food business in existence is McDonald’s. The issue can be summed up by the fact that it would take a McDonald’s employee a million hours of work, or more than a century, to earn the $8.75 million a year that the CEO of the firm makes. 

The good news is that recent organising efforts by fast-food workers, including those who work for McDonald’s, have given rise to demands for better treatment and compensation.

Your advertising is “scary and predatory” to youngsters.

A lawsuit against McDonald’s for its “scary and predatory” child-targeted marketing was first announced by the Center for Science in the Public Interest group two years ago. 

The CSPI said in its letter that McDonald’s used “unfair and deceptive marketing” to “attract young children” and compared the firm to “that stranger in the playground who distributes candy to kids.

A recent press release from McDonald’s claims the company’s promotion based on the movie Shrek “will encourage children to “discretize” their Happy Meal around the world with menu items like fruits, vegetables, milk, and natural juices.

This demonstrates the company’s ambiguous approach to marketing to children. The Shrek promotion’s underlying goal is to lure children to McDonald’s, where they will ultimately choose less nutritious selections and consume high-calorie meals.

Since McDonald’s is the world’s top toy distributor, utilising Happy McLanche toys to attract young customers have drawn criticism before, and, likely, it won’t be the last.

The Alana Institute in Brazil has fought to stop McDonald’s from selling toys alongside McLanche Feliz. 

The Senate Committee on Environment, Consumer Protection, and Inspection and Control have previously adopted a bill that forbids the linkage of toys and sandwiches.

It offers the least nutritious granola on the earth together with a greasy salad, fries, and a hamburger.

A Caesar salad that McDonald’s has introduced is fattier than a burger and fries. According to The Daily Mail, the salad includes 425 calories and 21.4g of fat, compared to the 253 calories and 7.7g of fat in a standard cheeseburger, with seasonings and croutons. 

Fries add 459 calories to a hamburger, although they are lower in fat than a salad (16.7g). Impressive. Another “healthy” item on the menu, granola (which is served with yoghurt), has recently come under fire for not being at all nutritious. 

The granola produced by the company, according to Mark Bittman, is nothing more than “expensive junk food” (you can make healthy granola at home for very little money). 

In addition to “100% natural whole grain cereal,” “soft raisins,” “sweet cranberries,” and “crunchy fresh apples, a more true description may be “oatmeal, sugar, sugared dried fruit, cream, and 11 weird additives that you would never have in your house.”


In this short article, we answered the question “How many McDonald’s are there in the world?” and shared with you the reason we should not like this company.


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