How many carbs are in an orange?

In this short article, we will answer the question “How many carbs are in an orange?” and will discuss its calories.

How many carbs are in an orange?

Oranges typically contain 16 grams of carbs, but due to their medium glycemic index, consuming one won’t cause blood sugar levels to rise.

This is because of the food’s high contents of fibre, which accounts for almost 2 grammes per portion and 10% of the recommended daily allowance.

This sugar content is not unusually high for an in-nature fruit, but when preparing orange juice, over one fresh fruit has been used, which increases the sugar concentration, and refined sugar is frequently added, which further boosts the sugar concentration.

How many calories are there in an orange?

With just 60 calories per 100 grammes, an orange has a very low caloric content, with little variation depending on the kind of fruit.

There is a myth that oranges should be abandoned when dieting since they are high in calories. The idea that oranges are bad for the diet has been disproven.

It’s also critical to emphasise that dietary reeducation must include fruits. In order to achieve the intended results, their caloric quantities should be increased to the recommended calorie intake.


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