How many calories are in a shot of vodka?

In this short article, we will answer the question “How many calories are in a shot of vodka?” We will also talk about whether or not vodka makes you fat.

How many calories does vodka contain? Is that vodka beverage destroying your diet and making you gain weight? Or does it aid in weight loss? Is a lot of vodka bad for your liver, or is a little bit of alcohol good for your heart? 

Is it okay to consume alcohol if you locate low-calorie vodka blends? When it comes to alcohol, there is a lot of misunderstanding. We hope to be able to help you understand whether or not alcohol makes you fat.

How many calories are in a shot of vodka?

42 grammes of vodka, or one shot, contains around 100 calories. This applies to 40% alcohol vodkas, which constitute the majority of vodkas. Alcohol has calories, so drink more. Each serving of 50% alcohol vodka contains roughly 125 calories. 

It may only take 15 to 20 minutes of activity to burn off a shot of vodka, but that’s still not much. One hundred calories are actually not that bad. With only 200 calories per drink, you may enjoy one or two every day without ruining your diet. 

Saying no to the office candy dish might be a good way to cut 200 calories from your diet, which is easily offset by two servings each day. But vodka’s calorie content only conveys a portion of the tale.

Does vodka make you fat?

It can make. It’s not only about calories when you consider if alcohol makes you fat. You must consider alcohol’s additional consequences. 

According to some experts, it slows metabolism by preventing testosterone, which is known to increase muscle mass and burn fat. Virtually no vitamins, minerals, or nutrients are present in alcohol. 

Remember that after a few drinks, your inhibitions will likely have lowered and you may be more inclined to eat fried potato chips at the bar (or cassava, but what’s the difference?)

The majority of people assume that vodka is fatty, but the truth is that the foods you eat while sipping a caipirinha are actually the most fattening. 

You could consume an entire bag of peanuts, canapés, different appetisers, and countless other delectable nibbles that we enjoy while sipping our preferred beverage.

Of course, we must remember that 99.9% of individuals do not consume pure vodka. In other words, you probably don’t just grab the vodka, pour a measure over ice, and call it a night. 

Typically, consumers add it to soft drinks, fruit juices, coconut milk, and numerous other variations. And each drink consequently turns into a calorie bomb. 

As you can see, the largest issue is not the calories in the vodka itself but rather the calories in the cocktails that contain vodka.

Is vodka slimming?

No. However, evidence suggests that the calories in vodka do not contribute to weight gain. Incredibly, some studies have even demonstrated that substituting alcohol for food calories might cause weight loss. 

Even while it’s generally not healthy, especially if you drink frequently, this is important to note.

This may be the case because the liver processes vodka’s calories before they are converted to fat (approximately 7 calories per gramme compared to 4 calories per gramme in protein and carbohydrates and 9 calories per gramme in fat). 

The assertion that drinking vodka helps you lose weight is untrue and more a matter of dispute or insanity.

How to drink vodka without gaining weight?

There is only one more relevant practical factor to think about after that. How should I savour my vodka? Do you shoot straight or take shots? Most individuals mix vodka with a beverage. Blends with a lot of sugar include soda, orange juice, and tonic water. 

You need to be concerned about more than just the calories in the vodka since there is also all that sugar, which has calories. As we’ve already seen, it’s unknown how drinking vodka would affect your diet. You might or might not put on weight. 

However, you can be certain that this vodka cocktail will make you fat if you consume large amounts of alcohol combined with soda. The simple fix for this issue is to locate low-calorie vodka mixtures.

We’re not coming to tell you to overlook vodka’s calories or to give up alcohol altogether. Just make sure you are well-informed so you may occasionally enjoy a drink without needing to slack off.


In this short article, we answered the question “How many calories are in a shot of vodka?” We also talked about whether or not vodka makes you fat.


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