How long is frozen chicken good for?

In this short article, we will answer the question “How long is frozen chicken good for?” and will show the right way to freeze chicken.

Chicken meat used to be considered a luxury good that was only consumed on special occasions, including family get-togethers, or as a soup served to patients and new mothers. 

However, it was realised that it was one of the options that made regular meals more practical given the quick pace of modern life. 

Due to significant advancements in poultry farming over the years in various areas, including genetic improvement, nutrition, health, and management, modern chicken has a high capacity for producing meat in a short period of time. 

Today, chicken is one of the staple items on all global menus, but handling it safely is crucial if you want to store it without endangering your health. Do you know the steps that go into freezing, which is the most popular method of preserving poultry meat?

How long is frozen chicken good for?

Freeze whole raw chicken in the freezer for up to a year; pieces for nine months; and the ground or shredded chicken for three to four months for the best quality, flavour, and texture. 

Raw chicken without seasoning, freeze on average for 6 months. Seasoned raw chicken, freeze for an average of 3 months. The chicken is ready, let it freeze for an average of 3 months.

How should chicken flesh be properly frozen?

Like with meat, freezing it in individual parts or portions that you will use for cooking is good. Do not refreeze after defrosting to reduce the possibility of unwelcome bacteria growing. 

Since it takes chicken meat a little longer to develop flavour, I’ll give you two methods for making a great chicken:

Whether in the form of a fillet, breast, or drumstick, season before freezing. Defrost in early and give the seasonings time to work for at least 30 minutes (you can leave it in the fridge to marinate).

Before freezing

When the animal has just been killed, the meat should be chilled for six hours before freezing. Remove the giblets if it is whole, package them separately, and freeze them.

You can cut the chicken into pieces and freeze it in portions sealed in plastic bags to make dinner preparation easier. The technique may cause the bones to turn darker, but the flavour or quality of the bird is unaffected.

Existing frozen meats

Chickens that have been pre-frozen must be put in their original packaging, sealed with a plastic bag, right in the freezer. Observe the expiration date specified by the manufacturer.

The whole bird is typically less expensive on the market than trays of speciality cuts like chicken breast, thighs, and drumsticks. 

Keep in mind that chicken can only be returned to the freezer cooked or in ready-to-eat dishes if it has only been defrosted once. As much air as you can from the box should be removed before packing it in plastic freezer bags.

Freezing cooked chicken

Chicken leftovers should be shredded and frozen. It is always a highly practical and quick alternative to thawing shredded meat on busy or lazy days.

Several helpful recommendations:

  • Before freezing, divide the food into cubes or fillets.
  • If you don’t have much time, it’s best to prepare, grill, or roast the chicken before freezing it.
  • Slice into fillets, season, and then bake or brown in a skillet with butter, coconut oil, or both.
  • By processing raw chicken and adding seasonings, you may make homemade nuggets. The recipe is posted on my Instagram. Raw or cooked food can be frozen.
  • Prepare chicken shreds and store them in jars, either with or without tomato sauce.
  • The juiciest shredded chicken dish is my joker chicken recipe, which is also included in the feed.
  • If you’re going to freeze it, wait until it has completely cooled before sealing the container to avoid getting steam inside and having too much water in your chicken when you thaw it.
  • If you’re going to freeze seasoned chicken, it’s best to use citrus liquids like lemon or acid like vinegar because they help preserve flavour, better protect the meat, and extend the freezing process. 
  • Don’t oversalt because flesh absorbs most of the salt.


In this short article, we answered the question “How long is frozen chicken good for?” and have shown the right way to freeze chicken.


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