How long does it take to pass a dental crown after swallowing?

In this short article, we will answer the question “How long does it take to pass a dental crown after swallowing?” and will also discuss the procedure of recovering it from the stool.

How long does it take to pass a dental crown after swallowing?

Even with the post still attached, your crown might well have caused a little pain as it passed down your oesophagus and out the other side. This is because the tunnels and tubes inside your body are much larger than a traditional crown and post.

Your stomach, small intestine, which is roughly 2 inches wide, and large intestine will not digest the crown and cap.

What must I do if I ingest a dental crown?

Here is what you need to do:

As the process could take a while, be calm.

The chances of your crown insertion going easily throughout you are very good, however, you may be required to be patient. Remember that your small and large intestines measure a combined 25 feet in length. 

Food may take 12 to 24 hours to reach your big intestine, but it can take a week or more for it to go to the top of the gastrointestinal tract.

Once you’ve identified the issue, call your dentist right away.

Call your dentist right away if you catch yourself gulping down your dental crown. No matter how little you may think the risk to your health is, you should still have a dental x-ray taken by your dentist. 

This will resolve any uncertainty regarding the location and state of the missing crown that might have existed in the past. Alternatively, given there is little chance of issues in this situation, you could simply allow nature to run its course.

Crowns don’t exactly come cheap. It is almost guaranteed that in this situation you would prefer to get your lost crown back than pay for a pricey replacement. 

Use protective gloves, and a strainer or bucket to thoroughly inspect the area after utilizing the restroom to check for any contamination.

Regurgitation of stomach contents

Dental crowns are quite expensive, thus the patient could try to get the one they swallowed out of their system.

Rescue efforts for the dental crown that was swallowed are also a wise financial decision. If you throw up, you should do so in the container since the sink may cause the vomit to drain. After the crown has been restored, it should be cleaned with regular household bleach. (1:10 dilution of bleach for domestic use).

Can dental crowns that were ingested be recovered in the stool?

Yes, it is indeed feasible. Look into your options:

  • Tell your primary care doctor about the circumstance. Since all nondigestible substances taken must travel through the digestive system in order to be expelled, he may decide to undergo an X-ray to determine the path the crown will follow and ensure adequate transit.
  • You might decide to start saving your poop. There is no way to risk eating a robust crown which will be costly to replace. Following a week of consumption, your body ought to be free of it.
  • With 2 plastic forks, crush and chop each bowel movement as you remove it, taking mindful not to leave any large chunks where the crown might be hiding.
  • Once the crown has been thoroughly cleaned, identify it and clean it in diluted bleach before using an old toothbrush to gently scrape away any remaining dirt from both the crown’s interior and outside.
  • If you want the crown reapplied, schedule a dental appointment.


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