How long can cream cheese sit out?

In this short article, we will answer the question “How long can cream cheese sit out?” and will demonstrate what happens to unrefrigerated cream cheese and instruct you on how to spot spoiled cream cheese.

How long can cream cheese sit out?

Since cream cheese is a perishable item, it should not be left out at room temperature for longer than two hours as there is a very high danger of bacteria growth. 

Therefore, always refrigerate cream cheese in a covered container. If it hasn’t been opened, it can remain useful for approximately a month after the expiration date. But always in the refrigerator, ok?

It is advised that you abide by the two-hour limit if the cream cheese is being served at the buffet at your party. It must be thrown out after this time frame.

What transpires to unrefrigerated cream cheese?

Typically, cream cheese tastes buttery. It gets sour in flavour as it degrades. It could appear wet, crumble, or dry out.

How do you tell if the cream cheese is bad?

Always keep an eye on the cream cheese’s fragrance and appearance because it could turn yellow, have a strong sour smell, or even seem mouldy. 

If you suspect something is off, do not consume it at all; instead, throw it away—and if there is mould, throw the entire box away because it may be harmful to your health.


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