How do you say bowl in Spanish?

In this short article, we will answer the question “How do you say bowl in Spanish?” and will show you recipes for foods that are perfect for eating in a bowl.

How do you say bowl in Spanish?

Bown in Spanish is “cuenco” or tazon.

why use bowls when serving food?

In addition to making stunning presentations and giving tourists a unique experience, food served in bowls is more convenient to eat. Look below for more information on these advantages:

More practicality

People struggle to complete numerous activities in a short amount of time in our busy, modern world. Food breaks are getting busier, so even a small time saving makes a big impact on the day.

Meals that are served in bowls are divided such that a knife is not required. With this, it can only be eaten using chopsticks or a spoon. Additionally, the container’s form makes it easier to consume while standing or moving. 

The client can consume food while travelling to an appointment if the containers are disposable or returnable.

Greater presentation appeal

Bowls require different presentational innovations from chefs because they have a smaller diameter than conventional meals. 

Meals that are more eye-catching and vibrant as a result draw customers in and entice them to try them. These are programmes that pique your interest.

Distinctive experience

The fact that the food in the bowls is different from what we often find in normal restaurants is another significant aspect from a commercial perspective. This can be used to differentiate yourself from rivals.

Even classic foods like feijoada or chicken, for instance, can be presented in bowls and provide diners with a fresh culinary experience. This enhances their opinion of the location and fosters loyalty.

What dishes are the best for serving in bowls?

All fractionable foods can, in essence, be served in bowls. The alternatives listed below are those that have been implemented the most concerning the market.

Broths and soups

The more typical foods are broths, creams, and soups. Since they are more liquid-based items, the bowl’s form encourages intake and prolongs the effect of the heat. 

Additionally, adding croutons or leaves as a garnish adds appeal on its own. Ramen is another hot industry success that’s worth knowing about and funding.

Desserts and sweets

Foods that are already consumed in bowls around here include sweets and creamy desserts. We have ice cream, aça, mousse, and premium confectionary items, among other things, in this regard.


Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish made with raw fish that has been chopped up and a variety of side dishes. Since its contents are so similar to those of temaki in the bowl, it is sometimes referred to by this moniker.

It is a full supper that is incredibly nutrient-dense. It is also a nutritious dish, perfect for those who like a natural, lighter diet.

Oriental recipes in general

Traditional serving utensils for many eastern dishes are bowls. Lamens is a well-known illustration. 

They are prepared with unique noodles and include vegetables and proteins. Of these, yakisoba is the most well-known. Another delicious dish to serve in bowls is chicken chess.


You can spend money on salads in bowls to capitalise on your respective trends at once. For those who prefer nutritious foods, this alternative is excellent because it allows for the preparation of any style of salad.

Offering the on-the-fly assembly service, in which consumers select the components and watch them create, is one approach to increasing the value of the dishes even further. It is a novel experience that is highly beneficial.

Where did the idea to consume food in bowls originate?

East Asian nations like China and South Korea have a long history of bowling. To ensure that everyone gets to eat the same meal, a traditional South Korean dinner is served in a single bowl.

Bowls were previously utilised in several meals in Brazil and other Western nations, such as the preparation of yoghurt and cereal for breakfast. These days, full meals in the most diversified presentations can be served in these containers.


In this short article, we answered the question “How do you say bowl in Spanish?” and have shown you recipes for foods that are perfect for eating in a bowl.


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