How do you remove the spines from prickly pear fruit?

In this short article, we will answer the question “How do you remove the spines from prickly pear fruit?” by showing you different ways of doing so, and how to store this fruit to protect yourself from the spines.

How do you remove the spines from prickly pear fruit?

Traditionally, the spines are removed as follows:

To protect your hands when shaving, wear gloves.  Start by chopping off the fruit’s ends. Hold it steady without letting it touch your hands to avoid getting the fruit’s spines on you.  Just make a shallow longitude incision so you can get to the fruit and peel it open. 

By doing this, it would be possible to easily separate the fruit from its skin. The pear fruit should be carefully picked up with a fork, left in place to prevent the flesh from being torn out, placed in a bucket of water, and stirred with a large spoon. 

Allow the sink to do the prickles’ washing. This would eliminate most of the needles if not all of them. It could be placed right in the sink with running water. Prepare your sink by emptying it in order for the thorns can rapidly drain out.

Thorns can be removed with the use of running water. Use a nylon brush and shave off the remaining thorns to remove them. Wearing rubber gloves is a must when performing this step.

Holding onto the fork, cut the fruit at one end. Rotate it, then remove the opposite end as well. To get rid of the glochids and spines were using a potato peeler or perhaps a vegetable brush, and then wash the fruit.

Alternative methods of removing the spines: 

Another practical technique involves freezing entire fruit for about 24 hours in a freezer. 

Then you put it inside a colander to defrost. The juice ought to come out immediately after it defrosts. Filtering the glochids is made easier by layering them with some paper towels.

Use a blazing flame or a blowtorch to scorch and remove the spine.

You can remove the spines by using Elmer’s glue if you possess access to it. Elmer’s glue is applied to the thorns, allowed to dry, and then the layer that forms is peeled off. Even duct tape as well as masking tape could be used.

What are the trickly pear storage techniques to protect me from the thorns?

Make sure to keep your fruit safe after you’ve cut it off with a sharp knife. The fruit’s spines wouldn’t protrude if it were placed in a solid container. As soon as you are prepared with gloves and utensils, remove the spines.


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