Does unopened bone broth go bad?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Does unopened bone broth go bad?” and examine the question regarding its shelf life. Additionally, we’ll go through how to preserve bone broth properly and how to identify contaminated bone broth.

Does unopened bone broth go bad?

Yes, unopened bone broth can go bad after a given amount of time, just like all other foods. However, you shouldn’t worry because unopened bone broth still has a very long shelf life before it spoils if it is properly stored.

How long is an unopened bone broth in a can?

If kept in a cold, dry, and dark area of the kitchen away from direct sunshine and heat, canned broth can be kept for up to two years without opening.

How can you tell if bone broth is bad?

Your bone broth’s appearance and scent might help you determine whether it has gone bad. You should throw away any bone broth that has mould in it right away since it has become spoiled.

Additionally, if you smell anything rotting, putrid, or unpleasant while giving your bone broth a sniff test, it is likely bad bone broth. If you find a dent or leak in a can of canned bone broth that has not been opened, or if the can has a bloated lid or body, it is best to throw it away.

How should I keep my opened bone broth?

Bone broth is a protein-rich food that is highly perishable. If it is not handled and properly stored, there is a high chance of bacterial infection. See the tips for storing it.

  • Since there is a considerable temperature variation at the fridge door that might influence the quality of your bone broth, it is recommended to store bone broth mostly on the shelf rather than the door.
  • Additionally, it is advised that you move any remaining bone broth right away into a sealed jar or plastic zipped bag and preserve it in the fridge at under 40 degrees Fahrenheit after opening the can.
  • When it comes to handmade bone broth, one should never put hot bone broth straight into an airtight container since moisture might collect there and create the perfect environment for bacteria growth, spoiling your chicken broth.
  • Additionally, you must never refrigerate frozen or refrigerated bone broth after reheating it.
  • Bone broth should be kept in shallow containers.
  • Never keep open canned bone broth or homemade bone broth out at ambient temperature for longer than two hours.
  • It is advised to put the bone broth in an airtight, heavy-duty freezer container if you intend to preserve it in the freezer. Consequently, storing the bone broth inside the freezer will significantly lengthen its shelf life (4-6 months)


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