Does protein make you poop?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Does protein make you poop?” and will discuss why too much protein ingestion make you fart.

Does protein make you poop?

With a high-protein diet, it is undoubtedly possible to manage either constipation or diarrhoea. But the protein might somehow be connected to the problems.

The cause of your constipation may be something you’re not eating. Constipation is not caused by protein but rather by a lack of fibre. 

A high-protein diet causes people to consume less fibre because they concentrate more on eating animal proteins, which contain no fibre at all.

Fibre, which is mostly present in fruits, vegetables, and grains, gives your stool more volume and helps move waste and water through your digestive system. In turn, this makes it possible for the food you consume to pass through your body more quickly. 

Fibre promotes a positive mood, lessens bloating, and gets rid of any potential GI irritants by keeping things flowing. So, fibre is important.

Why do you fart if you eat too much protein?

Although the body naturally produces gases as a result of food digestion, the subject is sensitive and fraught with taboos. Most gases are odourless, but some have strong, disagreeable odours that frequently result in amusing situations.

This process of protein metabolism, which takes place in the digestive tract, is mediated by bacteria. Given the sharp rise in protein intake and diet, taking supplements—primarily Whey Protein, Casein, and Albumin—usually causes an increase in intestinal gas production.

Since the protein takes longer to digest in this instance, more gases are produced as a result of the digestion process.

Lactose, a material that, when converted into sugar, undergoes fermentation and results in the creation of amplified gases, is present in supplements made from milk, for instance.

The result is only the natural byproduct of the macromolecule’s digestion; however, if the discomfort lasts and other symptoms manifest, the process may have other reasons.


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