Does pineapple have seeds?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Does pineapple have seeds?” and discuss why is it so difficult to find pineapple with seeds

Does pineapple have seeds?

It is rare, but it is not impossible to find a pineapple with seeds. However, in general, pineapples are highly self-incompatible (a general term for several genetic mechanisms in angiosperms that prevent self-fertilization and thereby encourage outcrossing). 

Pineapples do occasionally produce true tiny black seeds just below the peel of the fruit, which can be found when the fruit is peeled. It is possible to produce a pineapple plant from the infrequently discovered microscopic black seeds, but it takes a very long time.

Why is it so difficult to find pineapple with seeds?

The species that gave rise to the modern pineapple, Ananas comosus, had seeds. Since each “segment” of a pineapple is a fruit without a seed, the fruit is referred to as an infructescence, or multiple fruit. 

Beginning in the early 18th century, this fruit was created by genetic enhancement. The best-performing plants were crossed to create a sterile but delicious mass. 

Despite creating a tasty structure, genetic engineering prohibited the pineapple from freely reproducing because there are no seeds for dispersal.

With the aid of humans, reproduction is typically accomplished by planting the crown or the shoots that are trapped at the base of the infructescence.


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