Do foxes eat cats?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Do foxes eat cats?” and will show you contextual information about the foxes’ diet and hunting for food.

Numerous animal species go by the common name “foxes.” They include individuals from the genera Lycalopex, Urocyon, Cerdocyon, and Otocyon. But real foxes are members of the genus Vulpes, which is named after the Latin word for fox. 

There are 12 identified species within this genus, which, despite sharing traits with other canids, differ primarily in their smaller sizes.

Foxes are common across many environments, and some even live in cities. As a result, AnimalWised will provide detailed information about the fox’s diet, which is unquestionably one of its most distinctive characteristics.

Do foxes eat cats?

Yes and no, let’s break this down:

Foxes tend to keep to them as much as they can. Although they are not recognized for attacking people, they can turn to attack animals like dogs and cats whenever they sense a threat. 

Foxes have been known to assault and consume cats, but these incidents are extremely rare. In truth, foxes have been forced off of owners’ properties by cats on several occasions, rather than the other way along.

So, while there is a chance that foxes could harm cats, it is unlikely. When threatened or uneasy, foxes would prefer to flee and hide than engage even just a small animal like a cat.

The likelihood of them eating a cat increases slightly if they feel cornered, are starving, or have already had a run-in with one. 

Consequently, it is wise to always keep a watch on your cat whenever it is outside. You can frighten away any approaching foxes to protect your kitty companion.

What do foxes eat?

If you’ve ever wondered what the fox eats, you should know that while these canids, like the others, are classified as carnivores, they do not, according to popular belief, only consume meat. 

Foxes are omnivorous creatures because they eat a variety of different foods. In this regard, foxes are truly opportunistic creatures that may modify their diet based on the time of year. 

The fox consumes a wide variety of foods, including tiny vertebrate and invertebrate creatures, as well as:

  • Carrion
  • berries
  • Eggs
  • Leaves
  • fruits
  • seeds
  • roots

Are foxes grass eaters?

Yes. As was already established, foxes consume a variety of plant foods, some of which include grasses. This is the case for two fox species that perform it in a specific manner:

  1. The fox, quick (Vulpes velox).
  2. Feneco (Zerda Vulpes).

But generally speaking, foxes don’t just eat grass; they also consume diverse plant parts, depending on the habitat’s availability.

What do young foxes consume?

Since foxes are mammals, the female must nurse the young when they are born. Weaning of the young occurs after around 12 weeks, though there may be some species-to-species variance. 

The young are then given food by the male, who normally takes it to the female while she stays in the den tending to the young.

The parents start teaching the kids to hunt so they can support themselves, and the family outings from the den start. Baby foxes are begun in the following order:

  1. Consume solely breast milk for the first 12 weeks. 
  2. Eat the leftovers of the animals and vegetables the father brought after weaning. 
  3. They begin food searching as soon as they emerge from the cave.

Foxes hunt in what ways?

Foxes have a variety of ways they can pursue their prey. But these canids have an unusual method of hunting rodents that involves leaping and collapsing on their prey to render them immobile.

They often use their ears, which are sensitive to the faint sounds created when these little mammals walk, to detect their food. The foxes learn this method of hunting as young animals, which reduces both energy use and conflict with the prey.

People who live in regions with harsher winters form packs and cooperate in their hunting. In rare instances, the prey is surrounded by numerous adults until it is caught. 

Additionally typical is the practice of a pair of foxes to share all the food they catch while hunting. However, certain species, like the Afghan fox, frequently hunt by themselves.

These animals create feeding hierarchies at a young age so that the strongest and fastest can make the greatest use of available resources. 

However, since their eating habits are so universal, they can use a variety of resources as food sources, thus there isn’t much competition among them.


In this short article, we answered the question “Do foxes eat cats?” and have shown you contextual information about the foxes’ diet and hunting for food.


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