Do fish drink water?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Do fish drink water?” and will demonstrate what the fish consume.

Do fish drink water?

The answer is different for the types of fish. Fish from freshwater and saltwater exhibit slightly distinct behaviours.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that they execute osmoregulation, a homeostatic system vital to their survival that ensures the body only stores the proper amount of water and salts.

A freshwater fish

Freshwater fish do not have a thirsty sensation. This is because they live in water with lower salt concentrations than those found in animal cells.

Fresh water usually permeates the animal’s entire surface, so it rarely needs to be drunk.

Marine fish

In salt water, fish do get thirsty. Marines (bones) are forced to drink water since their surroundings are saltier than they are. To avoid dehydration, they also do osmoregulation.

They drink the water and then flush the surplus salt out using the cells in their gills. Contrary to freshwater fish, these species produce concentrated urine, highlighting the importance of the kidneys in this regulation process.

If the organism is unable to exchange salts with the environment during osmoregulation, it will get dehydrated and experience internal system dysregulation, which may ultimately lead to death.

However, because urea in their blood generates a higher concentration of chemical compounds in their blood than in the oceans, sharks, rays, and other saltwater cartilaginous fish do not sense thirst.

Because of this, despite living in a saltwater environment, they frequently osmotically gain some water and do not become dehydrated when they do not consume enough water.

Aquarium fish

When it comes to those who raise fish at home, drinking water operates similarly to when fish are released into their natural habitat.

It is essential to supply the necessary circumstances, including high-quality water, to ensure the welfare of these creatures in a man-made environment.

What are the foods consumed by fish?

Like other animals, fish can have several sorts of diets and can be omnivores, herbivores, or carnivores. Additionally, each of them needs a different type of fish food. We create distinct lists of prerequisites for various species:

Carnivorous fish: 

These fish mostly eat other fish, insects, crabs, amphibians, and other creatures. The species Oscar, Acara, and Betta are some examples.

Fish that are omnivores eat a wide range of things, including plants and tiny animals, to meet their nutritional demands. Several species include tents, guppies, and carp. Planktonic fish consume plankton. These species include tilapia and silver carp, for instance.

Detritivores fish:

Fish that are detritivores consume a variety of organic waste materials, including animal manure. They are also known as benthophagous and may consume benthic species such as insect larvae. Several species include loricariidae, shrimp, and zebra.

Aquarium fishes

You have two options for feeding your aquarium fish: feed or live food.  Even the most popular species, such as betta, tetra, kinguio, and cichlids in general, have rations designed specifically for the food preferences of those species.

If kibble is the model chosen to feed the pet, it is also important to pay attention to the amount of food placed because too much food can harm the animal and, in rare situations, lead it to die.

It’s also vital to remember that different species have varied feeding habits and necessitate different meals. Analyze the current, well-liked models.

Granulated or flake feed is a type of light meal that floats on the surface of the water, which makes it perfect for animals who eat it. Because compacted feed is heavier, it settles to the bottom of the tank. It is ideal for fish like catfish that prefer to eat at greater depths.

Pellet feed, which is stuck in the aquarium glass, is extremely beneficial to fish that generally eat in the centre of the tank.

Additionally possible is to feed the fish live food. The occasional feeding of this type of food to pets is acceptable, especially if those pets are carnivorous fish. The best course of action is to provide larvae and microscopic crustaceans.


In this short article, we have answered the question “Do fish drink water?” and have demonstrated what the fish consume.


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