Can you get sick from eating expired goldfish?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Can you get sick from eating expired goldfish?”, will show how to store them in order to extend their shelf life and also show you how to spot stale goldfish.

Can you get sick from eating expired goldfish?

If you eat Goldfish crackers that are past their expiration date and they were stored properly, you might not become sick.

Since goldfish crackers don’t contain enough moisture, they don’t offer a good environment for germs to develop. Additionally, the very high salt content in goldfish contributes significantly to the fish’s ability to maintain quality over an extended period of time.

There is no question that Goldfish crackers may still be consumed after the date marked on them, but you will notice a change in the texture and flavour, so only consume the expired Goldfish if you are alright with it.

How can you determine if a goldfish is not good anymore?

To make a final decision regarding whether or not to eat the Goldfish, you need to take into account their scent, taste, and texture. 

When giving your Goldfish a sniff test, if you detect a rotten or disagreeable odour, this indicates that they have expired and become rancid. Additionally, after your Goldfish have gone rotten, you will detect a shift in the way they taste.

How should Goldfish be kept?

Goldfish should be kept out of direct sunshine and extreme heat in a cool, dry environment. As a result, you may store the Goldfish without risk on a pantry shelf that is dry and cool and out of the path of heat and sunshine.

The remaining Goldfish should be placed in an airtight container or reusable plastic zipper bag after you have unwrapped the packet of Goldfish. This method of storage is required to prevent air and moisture from getting towards the goldfish and lowering their quality.

After opening the Goldfish’s original packaging, you can store it thereby securely rolling it over and using a clip to close the opening. As soon as you have taken all the Goldfish you require out of the container, you should secure the lid.

The texture and general quality of your Goldfish crackers could be ruined if moisture got into them from a humid location, so you should never keep them there.


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