Can you cook an egg with just hot water?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Can you cook an egg with just hot water?” and will show you how to do so.

Can you cook an egg with just hot water?

Yes. A raw egg can be cooked in merely hot water; to do this, bring a pot of boiling water and then add the egg. 

Allowing the egg to sit for 30 minutes, cover the pan with hot water to keep the heat in.  Depending on the surrounding temperature and pressure, the egg may take more or less time to cook than 30 minutes or longer.

Because they contain Salmonella, a germ that can lead to food poisoning and consequent health deterioration, eggs should be thoroughly boiled.

It is recommended to cook eggs in hot water instead of over an open flame because eggs cook more tenderly at lower temperatures. On the other hand, employing high temps and boiling temperatures can result in the egg having rubbery, hard whites and a green yolk.

Before you submerge the egg, you must make sure that the water is hot enough to approach boiling and maintain that temperature.

How to boil an egg in boiling water only?

If you’re using a tiny pan and only want to cook one or two eggs, heat 2 cups of water. The general guideline is that the eggs should be submerged in water; otherwise, you run the risk of the eggs becoming partially cooked.

Place the egg into a boiling water pot with care. To prevent injuries, use the hot water with caution. Additionally, add the egg slowly and gently with a spatula or use your hand to avoid breaking the shell.

An electronic kettle that automatically shuts off works better than a traditional burner for cooking eggs because it saves you the hassle of monitoring the process.

Replacing the water once it cools would be another technique to boil the egg. If you have a source of hot water instead of a burner, place your egg inside a pan or ceramic bowl, cover it to keep the heat within, and let it sit for a few minutes. 

Refill the water with a fresh batch of hot water when you notice that it has cooled. The temperature would’ve been low enough after you take the egg first from the water it was fried in so that you could do it without allowing it cool. 

If not, run cold water over the egg to help it cool. To ensure that all of the egg’s residues and skin are gone, it is a good idea to wash eggs as you peel them.


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