Can dogs eat raw chicken?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Can dogs eat raw chicken?” and will discuss the problems of feeding raw meat to dogs.

Can dogs eat raw chicken?

Yes. Because dogs are descended from wolves and raw chicken is 100percent natural, unprocessed meat, some people believe giving raw chicken to dogs is healthier than giving them cooked chicken. 

Unluckily, eating raw chicken can seriously harm you as well as your dog. Although it’s not usually a concern, it’s inaccurate to suggest that raw chicken is always safe. 

There are dangers associated with serving raw chicken to dogs, therefore most owners opt to be cautious.

Why do animals consume raw meat?

Because they can sterilise any potentially hazardous substances with a beautiful bath of stomach acid, carnivorous animals’ bodies are made to swallow raw meat, preventing infection-related death. that includes us.

Our predecessors ate raw meat like other carnivorous animals. As a result, we can still savour delicious steak tartare, carpaccio, and sushi.

If we can eat meat raw, why do humans cook it?

In the course of evolution, we have learned that cooking flesh makes it safer, and this is what has happened. Cooked meat poses fewer health risks than raw meat.

Since the meat isn’t sterile, it could become infected with viruses and parasites during the slaughtering process. One of the most common bacteria found in red meat, Escherichia coli, can cause fever, diarrhoea, and abdominal pain in an infected person.

Another disease that can be contracted via consuming raw red meat is toxoplasmosis, often known as cat disease; in this case, it is more typical to do so by consuming infected pigs and sheep.

When the condition is milder, it exhibits flu-like symptoms. In more severe cases, it can affect the brain, eyes, and other organs. However, due to the possibility of miscarriage, pregnant women face the greatest risk.

Which is healthier, cooked beef or raw meat?

There are several theories for how to solve this issue, but none of them is definitive. The most common is associated with successful digestion:

Cooked meat could be less nutrient- or energy-dense than raw meat, but easy access to micronutrients makes up for these drawbacks. Since the commencement of our evolution, fast digestion has taken precedence over serving-size calories.

Cooking helps break down challenging protein chains. Studies also claim that uncooked foods, including meat, cannot provide the calories needed to grow our big, complex brains.

By developing the human digestive tract to consume cooked meat, evolution made the wager that it would be significantly less risky to require access to fire instead of having to spend 24 hours attempting to digest a raw wild boar.

We did this by developing a strong dislike for the smell of raw protein and a strong attraction to the smell of roasted protein (you recall that delicious barbeque fragrance? that’s all;

We can now occasionally eat raw beef thanks to significant advancements in food safety, but it is still not recommended to do so frequently. Every worry is unimportant.

Can I feed raw meat to my pets?

Yes, while it is not advisable, you can feed raw meat to your pet. Let’s look at this more. It is no longer shocking to anybody that dogs are categorised as transitional carnivores and that hunting was essential to their survival.

When our dogs were wild, they regularly ate raw flesh. They must now be fed with some caution because a lot has happened since they were domesticated.

In actuality, pets may quietly consume prepared meat. The best method of preparing is this. The meat must, however, be prepared specially for your pet without the use of any spice, salt, or other seasonings that we use in our diet for humans.

Although raw chicken has some advantages, it is extremely bad for the health of both people and domestic animals. This is due to the possibility that raw meat contains bacteria like Salmonella, which can be dangerous to both people and pets.

Microbes like Salmonella, Shigella, Escherichia coli, and Clostridium spp. can contaminate meat when it is not properly refrigerated and kept. Therefore, it is evident that there are more negative aspects of a raw food diet than positive ones.


In this short article, we answered the question “Can dogs eat raw chicken?” and discussed the problems of feeding raw meat to dogs.


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