Dr Rafael Frascino Cassaro (PhD)

Food Scientist

Dr Rafael Frascino Cassaro PhD is a Chemist with expertise in Food Technology, extraction of essential oils from food sources, organocatalysis,  extraction by supercritical CO2 and organic chemistry. He writes and reviews content on these topics.


Dr Rafael Frascino Cassaro’s Highlights: 


  • PIPE-FAPESP Project Coordinator for the company Bioativos Naturais Ltda involving the extraction of essential oils from food sources, with supercritical CO2.
  • PhD in Chemistry with research in supercritical fluid reactivity.
  • Bachelor of Environmental Chemistry at University of São Paulo State (UNESP)/Brazil



Professional Experience: 


Dr Rafael Frascino Cassaro’s Experience: 


Dr Rafael coordinated a PIPE-FAPESP Project (Company Research and Innovation Project) for the company Bioativos Naturais Ltda, involving the extraction of essential oils with supercritical CO2 from food sources such as turmeric, ginger, hops, orange bagasse, pepper rose, cupuaçu pie, among others. 


Dr Rafael has worked on a project,  involving studies of the influence of pre-treatment on the recovery of crude food extracts by extraction with supercritical CO2 (Supercritical Fluid Extraction or SFE) and with pressurized liquids (ethanol and water) for food sources, aimed at obtaining oleoresins; determination of global yield and chemical composition of crude extracts. As a postdoctoral fellow for the Food Engineering department at the University of Campinas/Brazil



Dr Rafael Frascino Cassaro has worked as a substitute Professor at the University of São Paulo State (UNESP) on General Chemistry and Thermodynamics II disciplines for the Food Engineering course.  




  • 2009 Bachelor in Environmental Chemistry at the State University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • 2015 PhD in Chemistry with research in supercritical fluid reactivity University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • 2017 Post Doctoral in Food Engineering Research: Influence of Biomass Pre-Treatment on Supercritical CO2 Extraction: Preservation of High Added Value Assets and Reduction of Process Costs at the State University of Campinas, Brazil


The main publications of Dr Rafael Frascino Cassaro are:


RC Bazito, RF CASSARO, LC OLIVEIRA, RA Gariani, CAO Nascimento. (2013).  Proline derivatives as organocatalysts for the aldol reaction in conventional and non-conventional reaction media. Green Processing and Synthesis 2, 43-50 


TS Bastos, SB Rodriguez Reartes, MS Zabaloy, RF Cassaro, RC Bazito. (2019).Phase Behavior for the System Carbon Dioxide plus p-Nitrobenzaldehyde: Experimental and Modeling JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING DATA 64 (5), 2116-2125


GH Sakae, LM Takata, AS Paulino, RC Bazito, RF Cassaro, C Princival, .(2013). A high enantioselective Proline-based helical polymer catalyst for aldol type reaction. Blucher Chemistry Proceedings 1 (2), 214-214


You can view some of Dr Rafael’s work below and links to his professional profile.


Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Rafael-Cassaro-2  


Fapesp: https://bv.fapesp.br/pt/pesquisador/680718/rafael-frascino-cassaro/  


Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=ToO7HIcAAAAJ&hl=en 


Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rafael-frascino-cassaro-4a156a37/?originalSubdomain=br


ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3729-2858 


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