Are black chicken eggs black?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Are black chicken eggs black?” and will discuss its characteristics and also how the animal’s meat is eaten.

Are black chicken eggs black?

No, only the shell of the black chicken eggs is black. Inside, the egg is white, just like a common chicken. The taste of the egg is also the same.

How is black chicken meat eaten?

Chinese women typically eat this black chicken after having given birth because they feel it is “strong” and therefore contains more energy. Additionally, black chicken is said to be good for the Yin, blood, lungs, and stomach. Silky meat is rarely cooked.

To maximise its therapeutic properties, the Chinese use it largely to make an amber-coloured soup with ginseng, dehydrated local fruits, and other components like beans.

The meaty flavour of silkie chickens, which are typically sold as ornaments in the west, is prized in cultures like China where they are considered superfoods.

The silkie also referred to as “wu gu Ji” or “black-boned chicken,” has been prized for its medicinal qualities since the seventh or eighth centuries.


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