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Our Review Board

Dr Anny Manrich (PhD)

Food Scientist

Dr Anny Manrich PhD is a food Engineer with expertise in Food Technology, Natural Polymers, Edible Films, Enzymes, and Nanotechnology. She writes and reviews content on these topics. Dr Anny Manrich’s Highlights:  Research and Technology at the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation PhD in Chemical Engineering with a focus on Biochemistry at the Federal University of…

Dr Cinu Varghese

Food Scientist

Dr Cinu Varghese has experience in food science research, the food industry, and teaching with expertise in Food Engineering, Public health and nutrition, Product development, Sensory and consumer research, Ingredient research, Packaging, and 3D food printing. She writes and reviews content on these topics.   Dr Cinu Varghese’s Highlights; PhD in food engineering focusing on…

Dr Stephen Inbaraj Baskaran (PhD)

Food Scientist

Dr Stephen Inbaraj is a Senior Food Researcher who specializes in Food Nanotechnology, Food Quality and Safety, Food Toxin Analysis & Treatment, Food/Agricultural Waste Valorization, Functional Food Development and Biological activity Determination, Green Extraction & Synthesis Methods, and Natural polymers/biopolymers.   Dr. Stephen Inbaraj’s Highlights   –  Assistant Professor (Teaching) and Senior Researcher in the…

Dr Rafael Frascino Cassaro (PhD)

Food Scientist

Dr Rafael Frascino Cassaro PhD is a Chemist with expertise in Food Technology, extraction of essential oils from food sources, organocatalysis,  extraction by supercritical CO2 and organic chemistry. He writes and reviews content on these topics.   Dr Rafael Frascino Cassaro’s Highlights:    PIPE-FAPESP Project Coordinator for the company Bioativos Naturais Ltda involving the extraction…